30 Nov 2022

Self-Replicating Malware Used by Chinese Cyberspies Spreads via USB Drives

Cyber espionage group UNC4191 has been observed leveraging self-replicating malware spread via USB drives to infect entities in Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the US. According to security researchers at Mandiant, the technique allows the threat actor to steal data from air-gapped systems. Mandiant also found that the campaign has

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17 Dec 2021

Super typhoon Rai: Philippine tourist island Siargao among areas hit

A powerful typhoon ripped through the southern Philippines, leaving a popular tourist island, among others, devastated. Super typhoon Rai made landfall on the island of Siargao on Thursday with winds of approximately 195 km/h and heavy rainfall. The tropical storm has leveled homes and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

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23 Nov 2021

Philippines navy completes resupply mission after Chinese blockade

Following a Chinese blockage in the South China Sea, navy vessels from the Philippines successfully completed a resupply mission at an outpost in the region. The mission was completed yesterday, according to the Philippino defense minister. Two vessels were unhindered earlier in the dar in reaching the Sierra Madre, a

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18 Nov 2021

Philippines accuses Chinese Coast Guard of firing water cannons on its supply boats

The Philippines has condemned the actions of the Chinese Coast Guard following an incident in which three vessels blocked Manila supply boats on Thursday. The vessels reportedly used water cannons on Manila boats on their way to a Phillippine-occupied atoll in the South China Sea. The Phillippines’ top diplomat, Foreign

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03 May 2021

TurgenSec finds 345,000 files from Filipino solicitor-general’s office were breached

According to UK cybersecurity firm TurgenSec, roughly 345,000 sensitive files from the solicitor-general of the Phillippines have been leaked. Some of the information exposed pertains to ongoing legal cases, threatening the integrity of trials. The breached information was left publicly available, says TurgenSec. When TurgenSec discovered the security incident in

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11 Nov 2020

COVID-19 Data-Sharing App Leaked Healthcare Worker Info

An app used by healthcare workers in the Philippines has suffered from a data leak exposing sensitive patient data and credentials. The platform, COVID-KAYA, is widely used across the country to share data about COVID-19 cases. The application contained multiple critical flaws that left it vulnerable to data leaks or

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20 Dec 2019

Planners of Maguindanao massacre found guilty of murder in Philippines ‘trial of the decade’

The men who planned and conducted a massacre in the town of Ampatuan in the Philippines that damaged its political establishment have been found guilty of murder. On November 23, 2009, 58 people were massacred, and among them was the wife and sister of Philippino political candidate Ismael Mangudadatu and

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11 Mar 2019

How ISIS Is Rising in the Philippines as It Dwindles in the Middle East

While Islamic State is on the verge of losing its last remaining stronghold in Syria, the terror group is on the rise in the Philippines. ISIS began actively recruiting members in the Philippines in 2016. After initial successes on the Mindanao island in the south, the national army defeated the

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01 Mar 2019

Pompeo assures Philippines of U.S. protection in event of sea conflict

Chinese aggression in the South China Sea directed at the Philippines would result in a military response from the US, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at a Friday press conference in Manila. Pompeo warned the US ally that “China’s island-building and military activities in the South China Sea threaten your

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28 Jan 2019

Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Philippine Church Attack That Killed at Least 20

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for Sunday’s attack on a Catholic Church in the Philippines. Two bombs killed at least 20 people, one detonated inside the Church during celebration of the Sunday Mass while another was detonated outside as first responders arrived on the scene. Jolo, the city where the

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