20 Jun 2022

Left-wing candidate and former guerrilla Gustavo Petro wins Colombian presidential race

Gustavo Petro will be Colombia’s first leftist leader. He won the country’s presidential race on Sunday by a slim margin with over 50% of the votes against 77-year-old entrepreneur Rodolfo Hernandez. Petro’s running mate, Francia Marquez, will be the first Afro-Colombina to hold an executive office. In his victory speech,

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30 Oct 2018

Venezuela, China Work to Boost Petro Cryptocurrency

China sent a delegation of economic and financial advisors to study and analyze the Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency for its potential usage in international exchange. On the Venezuelan side, the Petro has become one of the few sources of hope for the government and the economy that has largely been destroyed

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31 Aug 2018

Special Report: In Venezuela, new cryptocurrency is nowhere to be found

A special four-month investigation by reporters has found little use of the new Venezuelan oil-backed cryptocurrency, an investigation at-odds with government statements claiming that petrol sales have increased $3.3 billion and that the coin is being used to pay for imports. A cabinet minister, however, said that the technology behind

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