10 Jun 2022

Global Drought Conditions and Food Security: Follow the Fertilizer

These days, you never know where the next strategic metric will emerge. OODA Loop contributes to your efforts – signal tracking and sensemaking as part of your strategic foresight – essential to building out that organizational resiliency.  This information cumulatively acts as an early warning system that allows for decision-making and action that has an impact on an organization’s ability to change tactics and strategic focus. Today, the global drought conditions and the food security crisis mounting in Europe will most definitely impact the food supply chain in Europe and Africa), and our strategic signal is fertilizer.  Yes, fertilizer.  More specifically, how a global fertilizer shortage will impact crop yields, food prices, and scarcity.

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20 May 2022

How Global “Perpetual Drought” Should Impact Your Foresight Strategy and Strategic Planning

As summer approaches, we return to our OODA Special Report on the business impacts of drought conditions.  Initiated by OODA CTO Bob Gourley is his June 2021 post – How Drought In The US Should Impact Your Mid To Long Range Strategic Planning   – about the unprecedented heatwave in the Pacific Northwest driven by climate change, which focused on the major weather system known as a stationary Heat Dome…making existing drought conditions even worse than they were before.

In 2022, open our aperture globally, to assess how a concern for regional “megadroughts” has now morphed into what has been called “perpetual drought” conditions globally.  We now apply a global filter to our research, analysis, and scenario planning.  Specifically, Step 2 of the scenario planning process is an effort to explore the external environment for patterns and trends since our assessment last year.

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