04 Nov 2021

PayPal, Venmo and CashApp simplify cryptocurrency for beginners

If you find cryptocurrency intimidating, payment apps want to help. Venmo, PayPal and Cash App have added cryptocurrency purchasing to their popular payment services, expanding the reach of Bitcoin, Ether and other digital money to investors who may be daunted by jargony exchanges and a multitude of digital wallets. That

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15 Oct 2021

European rival to PayPal and Square makes $317 million acquisition to expand in the U.S.

SumUp, a U.K.-based payment processor, has acquired marketing start-up Fivestars in a bid to expand its reach across the U.S. and take on giants like PayPal and Square. The company said Thursday it was buying Fivestars for $317 million in a mix of cash and stock. San Francisco-headquartered Fivestars helps merchants

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30 Mar 2021

PayPal launches crypto checkout service

On Tuesday, PayPal Holdings Inc. will announce U.S. consumers will be allowed to use their cryptocurrency holdings to pay at online merchants globally. This move could significantly boost the use of digital currencies in commercial transactions every day. Bitcoin, ether or bitcoin cash in PayPal wallets will be able to

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01 Dec 2020

Magecart Attack Convincingly Hijacks PayPal Transactions at Checkout

A new credit card skimmer is utilizing postMessage to create convincing PayPal transactions that are illegitimate and steal payment data. The new credit card skimming campaign comes during the holiday season when more customers are using e-commerce sites and shopping online. The malicious process hijacks PayPal transactions during checkout, causing

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25 Feb 2020

PayPal accounts are getting abused en-masse for unauthorized payments

Hackers discovered a vulnerability within the online payments platform PayPal, which allows attackers to perform illegal transactions. The bug lies within PayPal’s Google Pay integration, and hackers have since been exploiting it to buy products online and incur unauthorized charges. Since last Friday, users have reported unauthorized transactions in their

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24 Feb 2020

PayPal ‘Critical’ Login Hack: New Report Warns You Are Now At Risk From Thieves

Over the past few weeks, PayPal has been hit with several cybersecurity incidents, including an authentication hack earlier this month in which an attacker could access an account once credentials had been phished, effectively bypassing the online payment giant’s authentication. Now, a new security report claims that PayPal’s entire authentication

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08 Nov 2019

PayPal Upsets Microsoft as Phishers’ Favorite Brand

A new report by Vade Secure indicates that PayPal was the most impersonated brand in phishing attacks last quarter, which is rather surprising since Microsoft usually dominates these campaigns. PayPal-themed phishing URLs have been on the rise in the past year and in Q3 they surged by 69.6%. By contrast,

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01 Nov 2019

Cybercriminals using custom phishing tools to target the world’s largest tech brands

A new report by Akamai shows that the most popular companies targeted in phishing campaigns are Microsoft, PayPal, DHL, and Dropbox, which together accounted for 42.63% of all observed phishing domains. Microsoft, which accounted for 21.88% of domains alone, is highly popular among cybercriminals selling Phishing as a service (PaaS)

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23 Aug 2019

Microsoft Tops Phishers’ Favorite Brands as Facebook Spikes

Microsoft remains the most impersonated brand in phishing attacks despite a 6.8% decline in unique Microsoft phishing URLs in the second quarter of this year, a new report by Vade Secure shows. PayPal clinched second place and Facebook completed the top three thanks to a 155% surge in campaigns spoofing

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25 Oct 2018

Phishing Report Shows Microsoft, Paypal, & Netflix as Top Targets

“A new phishing report has been released that keeps track of the top 25 brands targeted by bad actors. Of these brands, Microsoft, Paypal, and Netflix are the top brands impersonated by phishing attacks. Email security provider Vade Secure tracks the 25 most spoofed brands in North America that are impersonated in

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