11 Oct 2018

So Patriot and THAAD will talk. What does that really mean?

“The Army decided earlier this year to drastically accelerate its plans to get the Patriot medium-range air-and-missile defense system and the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system to communicate. The service has since seen an influx of cash in its fiscal 2018 and 2019 budgets approved by Congress to move

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18 Jul 2018

Raytheon missile defense chief: Turkey Patriot missile decision ‘is all political’

The missile defense chief at Raytheon criticized NATO member Turkey’s decision to purchase a Russian air defense system over the Patriot system, saying “Patriot is the most combat proven integrated air and missile defense system in the world [with] more than 300 ground tests, more than 1,000 combat engagements, more

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12 Jul 2018

Lockheed to double Patriot missile production as orders explode

Lockheed is doubling its Patriot missile production in the coming years as orders for them from both the U.S. and its allies increase dramatically. New customers this year include Poland, Romania, and Sweden, who are bolstering their defenses to deter Russia and counter potential threats from the Middle East.  Source:

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