21 Oct 2019

Equifax used ‘admin’ as username and password for sensitive data: lawsuit

A class action lawsuit filed against Equifax over its failures to protect sensitive user data, which led to the massive 2017 data breach, shows that the login credentials for one of the company’s portals containing confidential data consisted of ‘admin’ for both the username and password. The lawsuit, which was

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09 Oct 2019

57% of Businesses Use Multi-Factor Auth (MFA), Says LastPass

A new survey by LastPass shows that a majority (57%) of organizations have adopted multi-factor authentication (MFA), which is  a 12% increase compared to last year. The vast majority (95%) of employees who use MFA, rely on a software-based solution, which typically provides less security than hardware solutions (4%) and

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08 Oct 2019

Internal user mistakes create large percentage of cybersecurity incidents

The vast majority (80%) of cybersecurity incidents over the past twelve months were caused, at least in part, by internal user errors, a new SolarWinds report shows. Other factors contributing to breaches were shortcomings in network, system or application security (36%), external threat actors breaching the network or systems (31%),

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07 Oct 2019

Consumers have concerns about cybersecurity, value education on best practices

A new survey by The Harris Poll and Computer Services shows that while the vast majority (92%) of US consumers are worried about the security of their personal data, many of them lack the knowledge required to protect their private information in the digital realm. 87% of respondents said they

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02 Oct 2019

Cyber risks are the top concern among businesses of all sizes

The latest edition of the Travelers Risk Index shows that cyber threats are now the top concern for businesses leaders, regardless of company size. 55% of all survey respondents said they were somewhat or very worried about cyber risk, which was higher than for any other type of risk. Companies

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23 Sep 2019

The Most Common And Insecure Password Revealed—It’s Not 123456 Or Admin

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are know for their poor security, including the presence of default login credentials that make many of these devices laughably easy to hack. While weak default passwords like “admin” and “123456” are notoriously common, a new study by Avira shows that the most common weak

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18 Sep 2019

33% of executives don’t trust their organization to protect employee data

One in three US executives are not confident that their company can keep the private information of staff members out of the hands of cybercriminals, a new Dell survey covering 42 countries reveals. The global average is 29%, with executives in South Korea (51%) and Singapore (42%) reporting the highest

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17 Sep 2019

LastPass Patches Bug Leaking Last-Used Credentials

The Chrome and Opera browser extensions for the freemium password manager LastPass contained a vulnerability that could be exploited to make the application leak login credentials, a security researcher with Google recently discovered. In order to exploit the bug, threat actors needed to get victims to visit a malicious website

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16 Aug 2019

Google Estimates 1.5% of Web Logins Exposed in Data Breaches

A new Google report based on data recorded by the Password Checkup browser extension for Chrome shows that 1.5% of web logins involved credentials that have been exposed in a data breach. The extension anonymously checks hashes against a massive database of credentials that have been compromised in a breach.

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19 Jul 2019

Why 72% of people still recycle passwords

A new Security.org report underscores how poor the password practices of many people still are. The survey found that the vast majority (72%) of users reuse passwords. On average, recycled passwords are used for 4 different accounts. Password recycling is a terrible practice because it puts users at risk of

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