19 Dec 2022

Malaysia PM Anwar Ibrahim wins motion of confidence in parliament

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s motion of confidence has passed in parliament. This is a major win for his premiership after the election last month returned a hung parliament. Parliament had been convened by Anwar on Monday to prove his majority after former Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin cast doubt on

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11 Nov 2022

Israel’s president to invite Netanyahu to form next government

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog invited Benjamin Netanyahu to form Israel’s next government in an announcement on Friday. This will allow Netanyahu to take the country’s top position for a sixth time and extend his time as the nation’s longest-serving leader. Herzog will issue the mandate to Netanyahu to create the

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10 Nov 2022

European Parliament approves Croatia’s admission to Schengen zone

The European Parliament has passed a movement to allow Croatia to the Schengen zone, a passport free portion of the EU. The vote was a 534-53 majority to lift the border controls between the Schengen area and Croatia. A final decision will be made by the EU’s government leaders on

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25 Oct 2022

Italy’s Meloni commits to EU, rejects fascism in speech to MPs

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni confirmed Italy’s support for the European Union, NATO and Ukraine in her first address to parliament. The speech comes one month after her party won a historic election. Meloni was sworn in on Saturday as Italy’s first female leader and on Tuesday, rejected any links

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17 Oct 2022

Former PM Imran Khan dominates Pakistan by-elections

The former prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has been on an electoral streak after being removed from office six months ago. During Sunday’s by-elections, eight National Assembly seats were up for grabs, Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) contested seven of the seats, and won six. Candidates of

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14 Oct 2022

Iraq names new president and prime minister, ending a year of political deadlock

Kurdish politician Abdul Latif Rashid was elected as Iraq’s new president by parliament on Thursday. This move ends a year of political stalemates and violence. Rashid won 162 out of the 269 votes in parliament, beating the current President Barham Salim. Rashid has named Mohammad Shia al-Sudani as prime minister,

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23 Sep 2022

UK mini-budget shakes the stock market, benefits the wealthy

A new mini-budget has been unveiled in the British parliament that intends to cut taxes and energy bills while driving economic growth. This is the most significant tax cut since 1972. The new finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng proposed the new budget and it will see cuts to national insurance, stamp

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20 Jul 2022

Sri Lankan Parliament elects Ranil Wickremesinghe as President, but some protesters vow to fight on

Former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has been elected as President of Sri Lanka by the Sri Lankan parliament on Wednesday. This move is likely to anger the protestors who have been fighting fo rhis removal from office for weeks.  Wickremesinghe is a six-time prime minister and was a strong ally

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15 Jul 2022

Italy’s President Mattarella rejects Prime Minister Draghi’s resignation

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced Thursday that he would resign after the largest party in the country’s coalition government withdrew its support in a confidence vote. The measures Draghi was voting on was a package designed to help Italy’s cost-of-living crisis. It passed 172 to 39, however, the loss

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05 Jul 2022

Protesters storm Libya’s eastern parliament building in Tobruk, local media reports

Local media reported on Friday that hundreds of people stormed Libya;s eastern parliament building in Tobruk. This is the latest clash in a string of conflict between rival leaders’ supporters. The country has been split between warring factions since 2014.  The interim Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibeh is the had of

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