08 Mar 2022

Paris to build $145M cable car system

Proposed plans for Paris will see the addition of a new 4.5 kilometer-long aerial tramway that will connect suburbs in the southwest to the Paris Metro. Construction is expected to begin this year. The project has cleared pre-construction feasibility studies and has an estimated price tag of $145 million and

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10 Feb 2022

Freedom Convoy: Paris protest banned by police ahead of arrival

The Freedom Convoy protests were planned for Friday in Paris after Canada’s trucker protests have been occurring in Ottawa for days. Convoys from across France have begun moving towards Paris to copy the Canadian protests. The Paris Police have banned the demonstrations and will be enforcing the laws against interfering

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29 Mar 2021

Doctors warn Paris ICUs could be overwhelmed by Covid-19 surge

Doctors from a Paris public hospital group warned on Sunday that they were preparing to have to triage patients in the next few weeks, amid fears of surging Covid-19 cases. The op-ed was published in the Journal du Dimanche newspaper and included 41 ICU and emergency doctors highlight mismatches between

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05 Oct 2020

Paris to shut bars and raise alert to maximum

In France, the capital city of Paris is planning on shutting down all bars on Tuesday after several COVID-19 outbreaks occurred within the city. Paris will also be raising the alert level to the maximum possible after several days of high infection rates and newly reported cases. In an effort

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02 Sep 2020

14 Suspects on Trial Over Paris Massacre

Fourteen suspects are set to go on trial in France today for their involvement in the deadly attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which occurred in 2015. Three of the suspects are being tried in absentia, while the others will appear in court in Paris. The detained suspects are being

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10 Sep 2018

Paris knife attack: Seven injured, four seriously

“French police have detained a man who stabbed seven people, injuring four seriously, in an attack on tourists and passers-by in Paris. The man, wielding a knife and iron bar, struck just before 23:00 (21:00 GMT) by a canal in Paris’s 19th district. People playing pétanque – a French bowling

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17 Jul 2018

At least 2 dead in violence after France World Cup victory

4,000 police officers were deployed around the city of Paris on Sunday after France’s World Cup victory over Croatia. Thousands of revelers took to the streets and a portion of the crowd turned violent around midnight, with some people throwing projectiles at police, breaking shop windows and looting stores along

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19 Jun 2018

Eiffel Tower’s $35 million anti-terror security system nears completion

A security upgrade for France’s iconic Eiffel Tower is scheduled for completion in mid-July. The system includes a 12-foot fence of bulletproof glass and metal strong enough to stop a heavy truck on a suicide mission. The glass is designed to ensure security without inhibiting views. In addition to the

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