19 Mar 2021

As Covid-19 deaths soar in Brazil, Bolsonaro says there’s a ‘war’ against him

In Brazil, more than 45,000 people have died due to Covid-19 in just the past month. President Jair Bolsonaro came forth last week and stated that he feels the Brazilian public is staging a war against him personally. Bolsonaro gave a speech during which he blamed the massive number of

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17 Mar 2021

Brazil health service in ‘worst crisis in its history’

Brazil is currently battling a record high number of patients and the collapse of its health service and intensive care units. Hospitals have reportedly been overwhelmed with Covid-19 cases, according to Brazil’s leading health institute, Fiocruz. Covid-19 units every Brazilian state besides two are at or above 80% capacity, according

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16 Mar 2021

Netherlands suspends use of AstraZeneca vaccine

The Netherlands has joined the Irish Republic, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, and Iceland in suspending the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia have delayed the beginning of the vaccine rollout whereas Italy and Austria have suspended the use of certain batches as a precautionary measure.

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10 Mar 2021

Covid wave intensifies in Central Europe

In Central Europe, the Covid-19 pandemic has progressed in several countries that are now struggling to cope with high numbers of cases and overcrowding at hospitals. In the Czech Republic, the number of patients in intensive care has reached a new high, prompting the country to send its first patient

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05 Mar 2021

EU and Italy Block Export of AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine to Australia

Italy has blocked the export of the Covid-19 vaccine created by AstraZeneca to Australia in coordination with the European Union. The move reflects growing frustration in Europe over vaccine shortages and slow deliveries. Australia is now considered a nonvulnerable country in terms of the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore the EU

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19 Feb 2021

In Hunt for Covid-19 Origin, WHO Team Focuses on Two Animal Types in China

The World Health Organization investigators are currently searching for animals that could have spread the Covid-19 virus and effectively started a global pandemic. The researchers are currently looking into whether the virus was caused by ferret badgers or rabbits that can carry the virus, pass it to humans, and were

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17 Feb 2021

North Korea Allegedly Targets Pfizer to Steal COVID19 Vaccine Data

According to South Korea’s National Intelligence Agency, North Korean state-sponsored hackers are attempting to steal Covid-19 vaccination data by hacking the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. It is unclear whether any data has been stolen at this time, however, Pfizer is a high-profile target in terms of Covid-19 vaccination data and

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15 Feb 2021

Biden to Join G-7 Leaders in Virtual Meeting to Discuss Pandemic Response

On Friday, US President Joe Biden plans to participate in a virtual gathering of the Group of Seven industrialized nations to discuss plans on tackling the Covid-19 pandemic as the death counts rise well above two million and the global economy remains damaged. The forum of leaders from the other

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12 Feb 2021

U.K. Economy Suffers Biggest Slump in 300 Years Amid Covid-19 Lockdowns

Official estimates confirm that the UK economy records its biggest contraction in more than three centuries in 2020 due to lockdown measures halting the operations of non-essential businesses and preventing people from shopping. The country has also suffered one of the world’s deadliest outbreaks. The country is currently grappling with

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10 Feb 2021

EU’s von der Leyen admits Covid-19 vaccine rollout shortcomings

Ursula von der Leyen, European Commission President, has admitted that the EU fell behind in authorizing Covid-19 vaccines. The EU leader acknowledged the shortcomings of the organization that have resulted in a slow vaccine rollout that has failed to hit several key checkpoints on the administration of vaccines. The EU

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