10 Apr 2019

Gaza Cybergang Blends Sophistication Levels in Highly Effective Spy Effort

Kaspersky Lab has released new research on an Arabic speaking advanced persistent threat group (APT) engaged in cyber-espionage. The group, dubbed the Gaza Cybergang, has been active since 2012 and has already targeted around 240 high-profile victims, including “embassies, government entities, media outlets and journalists, activists, political parties and individuals,

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09 Apr 2019

Netanyahu’s Talk of West Bank Annexations Is a Blow to Peace but No Surprise, Palestinians Say

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent remarks that if he is reelected, he will annex Israeli settlements in the Israeli occupied West Bank and reject the formation of a Palestinian state, describe what would be the final nail in the coffin of a potential two-state solution to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian

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26 Mar 2019

Fighting Between Israel and Hamas Quiets After a Night of Heavy Fire

With the Israeli legislative election only 2 weeks away, tensions between Israel and Gaza militants escalated last night, with rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel, while the Israeli army launched airstrikes on various targets in the densely populated strip. Gaza is controlled by Hamas and has been

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07 Mar 2019

Attacks by Israeli settlers surge as West Bank tensions boil

Terror attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank are on the rise, the United Nations (UN) and other organizations are warning. According to Shin Bet, the security agency of Israel, 295 attacks of this kind took place in 2018, a 40% increase compared to the year before.

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04 Mar 2019

US Closes Jerusalem Consulate and Downgrades Its Diplomatic Mission to Palestine

The US government has closed its Jerusalem consulate that operated as a de facto embassy to Palestine. While the State Department claims that he decision “does not signal a change of U.S. policy on Jerusalem, the West Bank, or the Gaza Strip,” analysts consider it a symbolic move that downgrades

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17 Dec 2018

Australia recognizes west Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Becoming the third country to do so after the U.S. and Guatemala, Australia has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. These recognitions have angered Palestinians and have been highly contentious in Muslim countries around the world, as they will weigh in on one of the most divisive questions in Israeli-Palistian peace

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16 Jul 2018

Cease-fire holds after day of intense Israel-Hamas fighting

An Egypt-mediated cease-fire has held with some small flareups after the heaviest Hamas rocket attacks and Israeli airstrike responses since 2014. The exchange of fire included hundreds of rockets fired from Gaza, incendiary balloons and kites, and then responsive Israeli airstrikes and tunnel destructions. Israel also stated that its Iron

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