26 Aug 2021

Glitch Exposed Data of Alleged Treaty Violator to FBI

A software program flaw allegedly resulted in private data belonging to a treaty violator being exposed to unauthorized FBI agents for months. The Palantir program was reportedly exploited by at least three FBI employees to view data belonging to US citizen and Singapore resident Virgil Griffith. Griffith is a former

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19 Aug 2020

OODAcast: Courtney Bowman, Privacy and Civil Liberties Engineer, Palantir Technologies

Courtney Bowman leads Palantir’s Privacy and Civil Liberties Engineering Team. In this capacity he works extensively with local, state and international governments and philanthropic partners to develop technology-driven solutions to information sharing needs that respect applicable privacy, security and data integrity requirements. He does so in a way that is informed by experience and well thought out approaches that we consider an exemplar for tech firms, enterprises and government data strategists. In this OODAcast we examine some of his approaches.

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21 May 2020

OODAcast – A Conversation with Robert Fink of Palantir on Lessons Learned From Using Data In Crisis Response

Robert Fink is on the leadership team at Palantir, where he has helped shape their approach to product design and architecture. He has also played major roles in ensuring the company stays focused on the mission needs of customers today, and, through shaping R&D, is helping ensure the company is better able to serve the needs of future customers and future missions.

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10 Apr 2020

The U.S. Coast Guard Just Ordered Palantir Tech For Help With COVID-19 ‘Readiness’

The US Coast Gaurd has announced that it is working with Palantir, a big data analytics company, to help the military branch combat the COVID-19 pandemic as its ships present outbreak risks. Palantir’s tools will help the US Coast Gaurd’s readiness system in ensuring that the organization has the tools

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30 Aug 2019

The DoDIIS Conference: Insights into how IT supports some of the most critical missions in the nation

With this post we provide some insights for OODA members from the 2-5 August 2019 DoDIIS conference. We have aimed this overview for three broad types of decision-makers: 1) The startup tech executive seeking to better serve government missions, 2) Business leaders seeking insights into global risks and mitigation efforts relevant to your organization, and 3) The government leader seeking independent views that could impact your approach to enterprise technology.

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