12 Oct 2018

In Pacific, US Army Shifts Training from Disaster Relief to War

“Not long ago, U.S. Army forces in the Pacific spent most of their training time preparing for humanitarian relief missions, evacuations from natural disasters, and efforts to build up allied security forces. Not anymore. Since President Donald Trump has come to office, the administration has issued a new National Security Strategy

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31 Aug 2018

Rubio: China close to ‘destroying our alliances’ in Pacific

“China is in the process of ‘destroying our alliances’ on the Pacific Rim, a prominent Republican lawmaker warned Wednesday. ‘They are on the verge of achieving their goal of destroying our alliances in the Indo-Pacific by making keeping our defense commitments too costly to keep,’ Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., tweeted

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29 Aug 2018

With Ships and Missiles, China Is Ready to Challenge U.S. Navy in Pacific

“A modernization program focused on naval and missile forces has shifted the balance of power in the Pacific in ways the United States and its allies are only beginning to digest. While China lags in projecting firepower on a global scale, it can now challenge American military supremacy in the

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02 Jul 2018

US, Japan agree to continue joint military exercises

In a move that encourages U.S. allies neighboring North Korea, the U.S. affirmed that it will continue joint military exercises with Japan. Japan has remained cautious and skeptical about the ongoing negotiations with North Korea, with the Japanese Defense Minister citing North Korea’s promise to end its nuclear programs in

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28 Jun 2018

US military aims for $1 billion missile defense radar in Hawaii

The U.S. military is requesting funds for a high-tech missile defense radar in Hawaii to provide improved alerts to interceptors in Alaska able to shoot down missiles aimed at Hawaii and the mainland U.S. over the Pacific Ocean. U.S. missile defense systems, both ocean and land-based have received extra attention

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