29 May 2020

Peter Singer on Burn-In

Burn-In is anchored in the realities we see all around us today. Artificial Intelligence is coming fast and changing the nature of many jobs, robots and automation are bringing tremendous new capabilities but also threatening humanity with loss of employment opportunities. Parenting in a world where everyone, including kids, are always connected is already changing how we raise the next generation. And citizens with employment, privacy and security concerns are already taking action to be heard and to have a voice in what happens next. P.W. Singer and his co-author August Cole have been tracking these megatrends for years and based their book on the realities of today extrapolated into the near future.

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02 Oct 2018

LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media – An OODA Loop interview with P.W. Singer

An OODA Loop interview with author P.W. Singer on his new book about information operations on social networks.

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