08 Jun 2021

Hundreds arrested in massive global crime sting using messaging app

More than 800 criminals across the globe have been arrested following an FBI-run campaign involving an encrypted messaging app, according to officials. The operation was conceived by Australia and the FBI to catch criminals engaging in drug smuggling, money laundering, and murder plots. The entities were able to listen in

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13 Jan 2021

Italy ‘Ndrangheta group: Biggest mafia trial in decades opens

Italy’s biggest organised crime trial in decades will see 355 alleged mobsters and corrupt officials tried. These 355 people were charged after investigation into the ‘Ndrangheta group. 900 or more witnesses are expected to give evidence. The charge list includes murder, drug trafficking, extortion and money laundering. The trial begins

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19 Feb 2020

Is Organized Crime Using Ransomware to Take Real World Competitors Offline?

What does the ransomware incidents at GWK Travelex and Gedia Automotive tell us about the evolution of ransomware trends, and the players behind the attacks?  Viewed from their individual incident cases it may appear that the only characteristics the businesses share was that they were both vulnerable and both hit by the same group.  But what if we’re wrong about that?  What if these two dissembler businesses share a third characteristic?  What if both of these businesses were attacked because they are infringing on the black markets of organized crime barons, who like the Las Vegas Casino organized crime barons before them, are now using their “muscle” against legitimate business operations who compete against them?  The lucrative black markets of money laundering and grey and black market automotive parts. What if the motivation for using ransomware attacks expanded beyond the return of a potential ransom paid?  Has the use of ransomware evolved into an asymmetric threat?  Is ransomware being used in a destructive capacity to disrupt the supply chain and business competitors of organized crime entities?

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27 Jun 2019

Payment Fraud Linked to Terrorism and Trafficking

Terbium Labs has released a new report that sheds light on the link between payment card fraud and other illegal activities such as drug trafficking, money laundering, human trafficking and terrorism. The study, which is based on 274 cases of payment card fraud in North America and Europe, found that

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05 Feb 2019

Germany cracks down on clan crimes as estimated membership reaches as high as 500,000

After several decades of lax policing and investigations on large crime families across the country, German authorities have announced a change in policy and operations to reduce the massive operations of crime families across the country. One Islamic scholar and migration expert has estimated that 500,000 people in Germany belong

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07 Jun 2018

Foreign crime and professional criminals responsible for a growing share of arrests in Denmark

The percentage of crimes committed in Denmark by persons not living in the country has risen from 2 to 10%, including 25% of thefts and 20% of burglary. This increase has been attributed mostly to Romania and Bulgaria’s entry into the EU in 2007. Statistics like these, and the open-border

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10 Feb 2010

Bulgaria smashes organized crime gang, arrests 12

“Bulgarian police on Wednesday arrested 12 members of a powerful crime gang suspected of more than a decade of money laundering, racketeering, drug trafficking, bribery and tax fraud, the interior minister said. Tsvetan Tsvetanov told state television he believed the group had in the past been protected by senior officials

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16 Dec 2009

Drug-related killings surge in Tijuana

“More than 45 people have been killed in Tijuana since Saturday in grisly drug violence that appears to signal the end of a nearly yearlong truce between rival crime bosses, according to Mexican authorities. At some crime scenes, attackers left behind threatening narco-messages, recalling the type of terror tactics used

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