16 Jun 2022

SEC’s Expansion of Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit Signals Increased Enforcement Ahead

In a move that further executes upon the SEC’s increasingly tough rhetoric on cryptocurrency and cybersecurity, SEC Enforcement recently announced that it will nearly double the size of its newly-renamed Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit, the specialized unit that focuses on enforcement in those areas. This development is remarkable for

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15 Jun 2022

Why the cryptocurrency market crash portends bad times for cybersecurity

Ever since the Luna-Terra stable coin crisis surfaced, the global cryptocurrency market has been on a freefall. To give you an idea of the decline, the global crypto market cap has fallen below the $1 trillion mark and is currently resting at $970 billion. The market cap is expected to

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14 Jun 2022

Metaverse and cybersecurity, what are the challenges for the future?

The growth of the metaverse emphasizes the need to address the cybersecurity challenges posed by this new multimedia environment. It is increasingly likely that the metaverse will be subject to cyberattacks that pose a real risk to both the companies that choose to be active in the metaverse and the

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14 Jun 2022

In defense of cryptocurrency

Last week a group of technologists, including Bruce Schneier, sent a letter to Congress outlining their concerns around cryptocurrency and urging Congress to regulate the space. Now let me be the first to say that I broadly support this goal. I have no problem with the idea of legislators (intelligently) passing

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13 Jun 2022

What’s the catalyst behind the crypto crash?

The web3 market is a mess. There’s enough going on that it will take us a moment to unpack the situation this morning, but leading indicators of sentiment in the blockchain ecosystem are sufficiently nasty to set the stage: Bitcoin is off around 13% in the last 24 hours to

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10 Jun 2022

Regulators Rush to Become “Crypto-Friendly”

Regulation might seem anathema to cryptocurrencies, whose entire raison d’être is to circumvent the power of governments and banks to control how people use their money. But as the technology pushes into the mainstream, there’s a growing sense new rules are both necessary and even beneficial, leading to a boom

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07 Jun 2022

How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is a Litmus Test for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Many companies have withdrawn from Russia to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. So far, major cryptocurrency exchanges in the U.S. have resisted, saying they won’t do it unilaterally. This is a principled stand, and it is consistent with the guiding ethos of the cryptocurrency community. After all, these markets serve

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06 Jun 2022

Making the Metaverse Safe For Everyone

Unlike any other time in history, the past decade has shown us the power of technology to transform our working and personal lives. Technology-enabled shopping, banking and working from any location made the restrictions from COVID-19 more manageable. We are also getting a hint of the power that big data,

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02 Jun 2022

Why web3 companies get hacked so often, according to crypto VC Grace Isford

Before joining Lux this February, Isford was an investor at Canvas Ventures focused on enterprise software and fintech. A data infrastructure investment she worked on at Canvas revealed to her the opportunity in the web3 space for companies to “share data immutably at scale,” motivating her pivot to crypto, she

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01 Jun 2022

Taking The Next Step In Digital Transformation: Modernizing Cybersecurity

Amid a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, an increasingly distributed workforce and growing reliance on the cloud, cybersecurity teams are struggling to monitor and protect far-flung architectures. Current security infrastructures result in too many false positives, leading to “analysis paralysis.” A shortage of cybersecurity professionals further compounds the problem. To

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