16 Apr 2019

Government websites top the charts for online trust

According to a new report based on 2018 figures from the Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance (OTA), US Federal government websites ranked higher than any other sector in terms of security and privacy, with 91% of websites qualifying for the ‘ Honor Roll,’ OTA’s top rating. This is a vast

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01 Aug 2018

Advanced “Malvertising” Campaign Exploits Online Advertising Supply Chain

A “Malvertising” campaign has used legitimate online advertising supply chains to distribute malicious adverts around the world. Because the return from clicks on malicious ads is so instantaneous, the posters are willing and able to outbid legitimate advertisements. “The ads often contain malicious code that exploits unpatched vulnerabilities in browsers

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08 Apr 2015

Stay Safe Online by Following the Safety Guidelines Law Enforcement Officers Use

Participating in social networking sites and communicating online can cause anxiety for those that are not comfortable maintaining their online identities to high standard of privacy and security. Additionally, a poorly maintained profile can result in exploitation by malicious attackers seeking to engage in fraud against you and/or your family

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