02 Oct 2019

New Adwind RAT Variant Used Against the US Petroleum Sector

Security researchers with Netskope have uncovered a sophisticated malware campaign targeting firms in the US petroleum industry. Companies in the sector are receiving malicious phishing messages that trigger the download of a new variant of the Adwind Remote Access Trojan (RAT). Adwind is also known as jRAT, AlienSpy, JSocket, and

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23 Sep 2019

Iran Denies Successful Cyber Attacks on Oil Sector

Iran’s cyber security office on Saturday denied what it referred to as “Western media claims,” about a cyberattack on the country’s oil sector. Earlier that day, NetBlocks, a non-governmental organization monitoring Internet outages, had reported “intermittent disruptions to internet connectivity in [Iran]” that affected “online industrial and government platforms” and

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28 Aug 2019

New Threat Group Targets Middle East

Hackers belonging to a threat group dubbed LYCEUM (aka HEXANE) have been launching attacks on organizations in the oil and gas sector since May of this year, new research by SecureWorks shows. This campaign primarily targets firms located in the Middle East, but LYCEUM has been active since April of

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05 Aug 2019

Industrial control system cyber security risk high, report warns

A new study by Dragos warns that cyber attacks targeting industrial control systems (ICS) are on the rise, with threat actors focusing on the oil and gas industry in particular. ICS environments are being targeted by nine different threat groups, one of which was only recently discovered by Dragos. Five

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