05 Jul 2018

Greenpeace crashes Superman-shaped drone into French nuclear plant

Greenpeace activists flew a Superman-shaped drone into the no-fly zone around a French nuclear power plant and crashed it into the walls of a building that house its spent fuel pool, an action the group said served to highlight “the extreme vulnerability of this type of building, which contain the

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12 Jun 2018

US demands Japan reduce its plutonium stockpiles

As the US negotiates with North Korea for nuclear disarmament, the US has called on Japan to reduce its plutonium stockpiles. Japan currently has enough plutonium to produce 6,000 nuclear warheads, should they become a nuclear-armed states. “Plutonium production is banned in principle, but energy-poor Japan has been allowed to

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06 Oct 2016

DHS Warns of Regional Power Outages Associated with Hurricane Matthew

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