28 Mar 2019

US Approved Secret Nuclear Power Work for Saudi Arabia

According to a document seen by various news organizations including Reuters and the Daily Beast, the Trump administration has authorized six companies to sell nuclear power technology to Saudi Arabia as part of a wider government effort to transfer nuclear power technology to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is planning to

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20 Feb 2019

House launches probe of US nuclear plan in Saudi Arabia

A report by the Oversight Committee of the US House of Representatives claims that the Trump administration has actively sought to transfer sensitive nuclear power technology to Saudi Arabia. The report, which is largely based on testimonies from whistleblowers, states that “within the US, strong private commercial interests have been pressing aggressively for

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25 Jan 2019

US Military Eyes Tiny Nuclear Reactors for Deployed Troops

The U.S. military is funding research towards small, mobile nuclear power stations for forward operating bases. The military has been conducting research on small nuclear reactors since the 1950s, but funding has come and gone during periods of sequestration. Now, with the immense energy requirements and logistical difficulties in securing

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19 Jul 2018

US launches national security probe into uranium imports

The Commerce Department has launched an investigation on the national security impact of current uranium import levels. The U.S. produces only 5% of its yearly uranium demand in the military and energy sectors. The inquiry was launched after a petition from the only two companies that produce uranium in the

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29 Jun 2018

China opens bids for first nuclear-powered icebreaker

Reflecting the arctic’s increased position as a strategic priority for China, the country recently opened bids for the production of its first nuclear-powered icebreaker. Russia currently dominates globally in terms of civilian-operated nuclear-powered icebreakers, maintaining a fleet of four with three more on the way. The Russian military fleet boasts

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