03 Oct 2019

America Launches New Cybersecurity Directorate

The US National Security Agency (NSA) has established a new Cybersecurity Directorate to take over the foreign intelligence and cyber activities of the agency. According to an NSA spokesperson, the new directorate “will reinvigorate NSA’s white hat mission by sharing critical threat information and collaborating with partners and customers to

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06 Sep 2019

China Set Traps To Capture Dangerous NSA Cyberattack Weapons: New Report

A new report by Check Point indicates that Chinese state-backed hackers set deliberate traps to steal the NSA-linked cyber weapons that were leaked by the mysterious Shadow Brokers group in 2017. Earlier this year, Symantec already found evidence that Chinese cyber espionage group Buckeye (aka APT3, UPS Team, Gothic Panda,

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26 Aug 2019

Why the CIA doesn’t spy on the UAE

The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) does not spy on the government of the United Arab Emirates even though that country’s affiliations and actions on the world stage do not always align with US interests, former CIA officials warn. For instance, the UAE finances Libyan renegade military commander Khalifa

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19 Aug 2019

Trump Administration Moves To Reauthorize NSA’s Controversial Spying Program

Privacy advocates are sounding the alarm over a move by the Trump administration to reauthorize a highly controversial National Security Agency (NSA) program for collecting domestic calls and text messages. The program was established in 2001 under the Patriot Act to collect metadata on electric communications that could in theory

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24 Jul 2019

NSA Launches Cybersecurity Directorate

The National Security Agency (NSA) is setting up a new defensive cyber division called the Cybersecurity Directorate, the agency announced on Tuesday. The Cybersecurity Directorate will take over the foreign intelligence and cyber activities of the NSA in order to “operationalize threat intelligence, vulnerability assessments and cyber defense expertise.” The

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22 Jul 2019

Ex-NSA contractor sentenced to 9 years for stolen documents

Harold Martin, a former contractor for the United States National Security Agency (NSA), has been sentenced to nine years in prison for stealing a great number of highly classified documents and storing them in his home. While there is no evidence indicating that Martin wanted to share the data, he

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09 Jul 2019

NSA Isn’t Always Following Its Own Cybersecurity Policies, Watchdog Says

A new report by the Inspector General of the US National Security Agency (NSA) shows that the agency doesn’t always follow internal policies that are meant to protect the highly sensitive information it collects and processes. The various internal audits and investigations making up the report show that between October 2018 and

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05 Jun 2019

Even the NSA is urging Windows users to patch BlueKeep (CVE-2019-0708)

In the wake of Microsoft’s second alert regarding the highly critical BlueKeep security flaw (CVE-2019-0708) that impacts Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) implementations on older Windows operating systems, the National Security Agency (NSA) has now issued a similar warning. The agency is urging users to patch the flaw as soon as

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27 May 2019

In Baltimore and Beyond, a Stolen NSA Tool Wreaks Havoc

The ransomware attack on the City of Baltimore that has rendered the city’s email system and various other systems unavailable since May 7 involved the use of EternalBlue, a hacking tool developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) that was leaked about two years ago by the Shadow Brokers, a

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07 May 2019

Chinese Hackers Used NSA Tool a Year Before Shadow Brokers Leak

Over a year before the mysterious hacking group Shadow Brokers leaked DoublePulsar, an NSA-linked hacking tool, Chinese state-backed cyber espionage group Buckeye (aka APT3, UPS Team, Gothic Panda, and TG-0110), was already using the tool in a campaign targeting Hong Kong, new research by Symantec shows. The Shadow Brokers caused

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