14 Oct 2020

Russia Blamed for Cyber-attack on Norwegian Parliament

A previously reported cyberattack on the Norwegian parliament has now been attributed to Russian threat actors, according to new information that was exposed due to an investigation into the incident. In August, unauthorized individuals were able to gain access to Storting members’ emails, leveraging this vantage point to launch a

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02 Sep 2020

Cyber-Attack on Norwegian Parliament

Marianna Andreassen, Norwegian parliament director, has confirmed that the government entity has been targeted by threat actors over the past week, resulting in a number of ministers’ email accounts being compromised. Andreassen called the attack “significant,” stating that unauthorized individuals gained access to sensitive information. Email accounts compromised include those

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14 May 2020

Scammers steal $10 million from Norway’s state investment fund

Norfund, Norway’s state investment fund, has reportedly been the victim of a cyberattack in which cybercriminals stole $10 million from the organization. The fraudsters were able to launch the attack through running business email compromise scams, eventually obtaining access to the email system. This allowed the attackers to monitor communication

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21 Jan 2020

Norway’s governing coalition collapses over ISIS repatriation

Norway’s governing coalition has disbanded after an incident regarding the repatriation of a mother with suspected ISIS links from Syria. After the Syrian woman was repatriated,l the populist Progress Party left the coalition. The woman and her two children landed in Norway on Thursday night, according to a statement released

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21 Jan 2020

FBI Seizes Domain That Sold Info Stolen in Data Breaches

A domain, named WeLeakData.com, was seized by the FBI after claiming to have more than 12 billion records gathered from 10,000 data breaches. The FBI’s actions were a result of an international law enforcement effort involving agencies from the US and Europe. The site remains down. The site offered subscriptions

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15 Jan 2020

U.N. Weathers Storm of Emotet-TrickBot Malware

Emotet malware operators have recently targeted the United Nations personnel in an attack that aimed to deliver the TrickBot trojan malware. Researchers at Confense stated that a phishing campaign fraudulently representing the Permanent Mission of Norway has taken place over the last several days. The emails were sent to 600

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19 Mar 2019

Aluminium Giant Norsk Hydro Suffers Major Cyber-Attack

Norwegian aluminum giant Norsk Hydro has suffered a severe cyberattack forcing the company to switch to manual production, while some production plants in Europe and the US had to shut down altogether. A statement by the company said that “IT systems in most business areas are impacted and Hydro is

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12 Nov 2018

Finland to probe reports of Russia disrupting GPS during NATO drill

NATO pilots participating in the massive Trident Juncture NATO exercise near the Russian border lost their GPS navigation signals. According to the Finnish Prime Minister, Russia is likely to blame. While Finland is not a NATO member, it participated in the massive drill that involved around 50,000 personnel. The PM

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16 Oct 2018

NATO’s rapid reaction force coming into its own as an interoperability testbed

“NATO’s growing deterrence posture is pushing the allies’ interoperability problems to the fore in ways not seen since the Cold War years, but with a twist. It is less a matter of corps-to-corps identification of issues between the allies and more about what works or does not work in very

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03 Oct 2018

NATO gears up for ‘biggest’ military ‘exercises in many years’

NATO is preparing for what is likely to be the largest military exercise since the Cold War. The exercises will take place in Norway during late October and into November, only months after China and Russia conducted their largest exercise since the Cold War. The drills are reportedly simulating “NATO’s

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