16 Jun 2020

North Korea blows up joint liaison office with South in Kaesong

Yesterday, North Korea blew up a joint liaison office with South Korea near the border town of Kaesong, North Korea. The drastic move occurred just hours after renewed threats of military action at the shared border. The office was opened just two years ago in 2018 to help the two

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12 Jun 2020

North Korea Promises to Advance Nuclear Weapons as It Turns Back to Foreign Affairs

North Korea released a state-media report on Friday stating that relations with the US had “shifted into despair,” promising to boost its nuclear weapons program on the second anniversary of the historic Singapore summit meeting between Jim Jong Un and US President Trump. According to North Korea’s foreign minister, the

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09 Jun 2020

North Korea halts all communications with South in row over leafleting

North Korea has announced that it will cut off all ties with South Korea, including a hotline between the nation’s leaders. North Korea declared South Korea “the enemy,” claiming this was the first move in a series of actions. Daily calls will also cease as of Tuesday. The talks were

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07 May 2020

Lazarus Group Hides macOS Spyware in 2FA Application

Lazarus Group, a cyberthreat group with known links to North Korea, has added a new variant of the Dacls remote-access trojan (RAT) that specifically targets the macOS operating system. The Dacls RAT has been created from an existing Linux version and was first discovered last December when it targeted Windows

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04 May 2020

Kim Jong Un Returns, and North Korean Instability Fears Fade Away

Despite rumors that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was in bad health, or potentially dead, he re-emerged in public after weeks of speculation. Mr. Kim avoided a complicated diplomatic and military problem between China, the US, and South Korea during a difficult and unprecedented time. The North Korean state

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27 Apr 2020

Amid mounting speculation, South Korea says Kim Jong Un is ‘alive and well’

Despite rumors that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un is in bad health, South Korea stated that he is alive and well, claiming that the speculations are unfounded. Moon Chung-in, the top foreign policy adviser to the South Korean President stated that there have been no suspicious movements detected and

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21 Apr 2020

Seoul sees no suspicious activity in North amid Kim concerns

On Tuesday, the South Korean government declared that it has not detected unusual activity in North Korea despite unconfirmed reports that the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is in fragile condition after heart surgery. South Korea stated that it has no information about the speculation over Kim’s health. The rumors

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16 Apr 2020

US issues guidance on North Korean hackers, offers $5M reward

The US government issued a statement in which they offered guidance on North Korean hacking activity. The document, which is a joint advisory, was published by several government entities, including the US Department of State, Treasury, Homeland Security, and the FBI. The report estimates that last year, North Korean hackers

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14 Apr 2020

North Korea fires barrage of missiles from ground and air

South Korea’s military reported that North Korea launched several missiles fired from the ground and from fighter jets on Tuesday. The missiles landed in the waters off of North Korea’s east coast in a show of force right before a key state anniversary in the North and parliamentary elections in

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27 Mar 2020

An Elite Spy Group Used 5 Zero-Days to Hack North Koreans

On Thursday, researchers at Google’s Threat Analysis Group announced that an unknown group of hackers used five zero-day vulnerabilities to hack North Koreans in 2019. Although many North Koreans have extremely limited access to the internet, the ones who do have been targeted by a sophisticated hacking spree that may

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