26 Mar 2022

A Decision-Maker’s Guide To Artificial Intelligence

The megatrend of Artificial Intelligence is transforming the algorithms of business in exciting ways. This reference, aimed at the business decision-maker, will help you make the most of AI in your organization. It provides clear articulations of fundamental concepts, succinct examples of highly impactful use cases, and tips you can put in place to ensure your AI projects stay on track to deliver value. We keep this online reference updated so you will always have access to the best of our thoughts.

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22 Feb 2022

What Leaders Need to Know About the State of Natural Language Processing

This post seeks to illuminate major developments in computer language understanding in a way that can help enterprise and government leaders better prepare to take action on these incredible new capabilities. Major improvements in the ability of computers to understand what humans write, say and search are being fielded. These improvements are significant, and will end up changing just about every industry in the world. But at this point they are getting little notice outside a narrow segment of experts.

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