23 Aug 2021

Second Nigerian “Chibok girl” freed in a week seven years after abduction

This week, a second young woman who was abducted from the town of Chibok by Boko Haram militants nearly seven years ago was freed this week, according to the state governor of Borno. The woman was one of 270 teenagers who went missing in the northeastern town in 2014. The

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23 Aug 2021

Nigerian Threat Actors Solicit Employees to Deploy Ransomware for Cut of Profits

Researchers have uncovered a campaign in which a Nigerian threat actor is seeking to turn an organization’s employees into insider threats. The individual, or potentially multiple individuals, have crafted campaign emails that offer 1 million in Bitcoin if the target installs DemonWare onto an organization’s network. It appears as though

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01 Jun 2021

More than 150 children are missing in latest Nigeria kidnapping raid

In the north-central Nigerian state of Niger, students from an Islamic school were allegedly indiscriminately shot and abducted on Sunday by a group of armed bandits, according to state police. At least one person has been confirmed dead as a result of the incident, which marks that latest event in

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26 Apr 2021

Three students killed in Nigeria after kidnapping at Greenfield University

In Nigeria, a string of kidnappings targeting schools in the northern region has continued, with the latest incident occurring last Tuesday. Twenty students were kidnapped by armed bandits from Greenfield University. Local officials stated that three of the kidnapped individuals had been killed in a statement delivered on Friday. The

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07 Apr 2021

Nigeria Prison Attack Frees 1,800 Inmates

In Nigeria, more than 1,800 prison inmates escaped from a southeast prison after it was attacked by gunmen on Monday. The incident has raised new fears that an armed insurrection is building in the region, which is a majority Christian part of the country. In the north, the Muslim-dominated region

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15 Mar 2021

Armed men attack another Nigerian school, as 39 students still missing

In Nigeria, armed gunmen attempted to kidnap more students in the Kaduna state on Sunday. 39 students remain missing from the attack, according to official sources. Attacks by armed gangs have intensified across northwest Nigeria over the past few years. In 2021 alone, there have been four mass kidnappings at

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02 Mar 2021

Hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls released days after kidnapping

In Nigeria, hundreds of schoolgirls have been released after they were kidnapped at gunpoint from their boarding school in the northwest Zamfara State, according to local authorities. The girls were abducted on Friday when armed men raided the state-run school housing the girls. A spokesman for the regional governor Bello

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26 Feb 2021

Nigeria’s Zamfara school abduction: More than 300 Nigerian girls missing

Unidentified gunmen have kidnapped more than 300 girls from a Nigerian school in the Zamfara state. The town of Jangebe was the location of the most recent mass abduction targeting schools in recent weeks. Armed gangs seize schoolchildren for ransom. At least 42 people, 27 students included, who were kidnapped

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17 Feb 2021

Dozens Missing in Nigeria’s Latest School Kidnapping

Early this morning, dozens of schoolboys and staff at the Government Science college in the Kagara district of Niger state were kidnapped after gunmen stormed the building. This marks the latest event in a string of high school abductions occurring in the northern states of Nigeria. The event occurred around

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15 Dec 2020

More than 300 students still unaccounted for after Nigerian school raid

Roughly 337 students are still unaccounted for after an attack on a school in northern Nigeria occurred over the weekend. Police reports claim that a large number of attackers sporting guns and riding motorbikes ambushed the Government Science Secondary School in Kankara late Friday, in what looks like a kidnapping-for-ransom

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