11 Nov 2022

Court rejects Nigeria’s $1.1bn damages request against Eni, Shell

An appeals court in Milan denied Nigeria’s $1.1 billion compensation request against Italian energy group Eni and British oil and gas company Shell. The decision was made in the civil proceedings related to a $1.3 billion oilfield deal and was read out in the court on Friday.  Prosecutors had dropped

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28 Oct 2022

Nigeria ups security as US orders diplomats’ families to leave

Nigeria’s police have stated they are boosting security in the capital, as the United States has ordered the families of diplomats in the area to leave due to a heightened concern of terrorist attacks. The details of any threat were not known on Friday, however, residents of the Federal Capital

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12 Oct 2022

Floods are submerging whole houses in Nigeria. At least 80 have died trying to escape

76 people have died when their boat capsized trying to flee high floodwaters in southern Nigeria. The boat was carrying over 80 people and it capsized on Friday in the state of Anambra in southeastern Nigeria. Floodwaters in the area had risen as high as rooftops and the people were

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02 Aug 2022

Nigeria adds 10.5 million young voters ahead of 2023 election

Iver 10 million new voters, most of them young, have been added to Nigeria’s election register ahead of a presidential election next February. In February, a new president will be elected along with members of the Senate, House of representatives and Governors.  The Independent National Electoral Commission ended a year-long

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29 Jul 2022

Impeach President Buhari over Nigeria’s mounting security issues, opposition senators urge

Ten months before the end of his second term in office, President Muhammad Buhari is being pushed to be impeached by opposition Senators. The Senate minority leader announced on Wednesday that the opposition Senators are pushing for impeachment due to the country’s increasing security issues.  Nigerians will vote in February

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29 Jun 2022

Nigeria sells marginal oilfield licenses for $482m, ignores court

Nigeria has made over 200 billion naira, which is equivalent to $482 million from the issuance of oil prospecting licenses. It offered 57 oil fields for bidding according to the petroleum regulator. The NUPRC, The Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commision, said that over two thirds of the awardees have fully

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06 Jun 2022

Mass shooting at Nigeria church kills dozens, says local lawmaker

There was a bloody attack on a church in southwestern Nigeria on Sunday. Attackers stormed the church and began randomly shooting according to the legislator representing the Owo constituency in the ONdo State House of Assembly, Adeyemi Olayemi.  The attacks killed at least 28 people. State police were unable to

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02 May 2022

Nigeria: Five dead after Lagos building collapse

A three-story building collapsed in Lagos, Nigeria, killing at least five people. Many people are feared trapped in the residential building that was located in Nigeria’s commercial capital. 23 people have been rescued, including 7 children according to Ibrahim Farinloye from Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency.  The building collapsed on

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06 Apr 2022

South African and US Officers Swoop on Fraud Gang

American and South African investigators have teamed up to crack down on fraud that is persistent in the latter country, recently arresting several members linked to a suspected fraud gang. The individuals arrested consisted of three South Africans and four Nigerians, and are believed to be linked to an infamous

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04 Apr 2022

Nigeria: More than 150 still missing after passenger train attack

The whereabouts of 168 passengers from a train in northwestern NIgeria are still unknown a week after the train was attacked by gunmen. At least eight people were killed in the March 28 attack when a bomb was detonated on the train tracks and gunmen opened fire on the train.

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