17 Nov 2020

Second Major Hurricane in Two Weeks Slams Central America

On Monday night, Hurricane Iota made landfall in Nicaragua. Hurricane Iota is the most powerful Atlantic hurricane recorded this year, stronger than the most recent Hurricane Eta. Eta killed at least 200 people in central America and displaced tens of thousands due to infrastructure and residency damages. When Iota made

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05 Nov 2020

Honduras Extends State of Alert as Tropical Storm Eta Hits

In Honduras, citizens are preparing for the devastating tropical storm Eta to make landfall by the end of the day. Honduran rescue teams have elevated evacuation efforts as of this morning, and a state of alert has been administered as heavy rains from the storm case rivers to flood homes.

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14 Feb 2019

Bellingcat OSINT Investigation: An Analysis of Nicaragua’s “Volunteer Police” Paramilitary Arsenal

Open-Source Intelligence Forum Bellingcat has published a report on Nicaragua’s use of paramilitary organizations to quell the country’s protests in 2018, prompting renewed criticism against the uses by NGOs. These open-source data points support widespread reporting from sources formerly within the country’s law enforcement agencies that the paramilitary groups were

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03 Jan 2019

A ‘reign of fear’ takes hold in Nicaragua with new crackdown

2018 saw a protest movement emerge in Nicaragua against authoritarian president Daniel Ortega, which was violently repressed by police and paramilitary groups, killing 324. This crackdown has continued and intensified, with any media and human rights groups critical of the government being completely shutdown and having to operate covertly. “The

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27 Jul 2018

Rights group updates death toll in Nicaragua unrest to 448

“A rights group on Thursday raised by nearly 100 to 448 the number of dead from more than three months of political upheaval and protests demanding President Daniel Ortega leave office. Alvaro Leiva, director of the Nicaraguan Pro-Human Rights Association, said 399 of the dead had been identified and there

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17 Jul 2018

Nicaragua protests: human rights group says death toll at 273, government says 51

In competing figures that highlight the fight over the control of information during conflicts, the human rights arm of the Organization of American States (OAS) have documented at least 273 fatalities and over 2,000 injuries from the ongoing political unrest in Nicaragua since April. The government lists a death toll

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07 Jun 2018

The Unraveling of Nicaragua

The political conflict in Nicaragua has killed 120 and injured over 1,000. At the heart of the conflict is Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista government, which has been accused of running the country like a cartel. Protestors have become increasingly vocal in demanding the president’s removal and accompanying democratic reforms. Amidst the

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