05 May 2022

NHS Inboxes Hijacked to Send 1000+ Malicious Emails

More than 1,000 phishing emails have been sent from a mailbox belonging to the National Health Service that was compromised by threat actors in the past six months. Cybersecurity research firm Inky recently published a report detailing how the attackers conducted the attack, compromised the mailbox, and continued to send

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14 Apr 2020

One third of NHS staff and key workers tested in the UK have coronavirus, amid concerns over access to protective equipment

London released data on Monday showing that one-third of UK’s NHS staff and key workers have returned positive COVID-19 test results. Of the 16,888 people who are considered essential workers and their households and who have shown symptoms have been tested. 5,733 (34%) have tested positive for the virus. However,

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