25 Oct 2019

Ongoing Phishing Campaign is Targeting UN and NGOs

Threat actors are targeting the United Nations (UN) and several NGOs in a mobile phishing campaign that aims to capture login credentials for Okta, Office 365 and Outlook accounts, research by Lookout shows. The phishing websites check whether users are using a mobile device in order to deliver relevant content.

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14 Dec 2018

Hackers fooled Save the Children into sending $1 million to a phony account

“Save the Children Federation, one of the country’s best-known charities, said it was the victim of a $1 million cyberscam last year. The Connecticut-based nonprofit said hackers broke into a worker’s e-mail, posed as an employee, and created false invoices and other documents, to fool the charity into sending nearly

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07 Dec 2018

Pakistan kicks out 18 charities after rejecting final appeal

“Pakistan is kicking out 18 international charities after rejecting their final appeal to stay in the country, a move that an aid group spokesman said Thursday would affect millions of desperately poor Pakistanis and lead to tens of millions of aid dollars lost. The majority of the shuttered aid groups

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