08 Sep 2020

France, Japan, New Zealand warn of sudden spike in Emotet attacks

Over the past week, agencies in France, Japan, and New Zealand have produced independent security alerts due to a dramatic spike in Emotet malware attacks. The publications warn citizens that the attacks are targeting companies and government agencies through email spam campaigns. When the target receives the email and opens

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31 Aug 2020

New Zealand spy agency investigating ‘severe’ cyberattack on stock exchange

New Zealand has opened an investigation into a cyberattack that allegedly originated overseas and targeted the country’s stock exchange. The cyberattack targeted the financial markets for at least four days. The Financial minister for New Zealand stated that he had asked a spy agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB),

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17 Aug 2020

Jacinda Ardern delays election over coronavirus fears

In New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has made the decision to postpone the country’s general election by a month due to a spike in COVID-19 cases that is ongoing. Although the vote was positioned to take place on September 19, it will now occur on October 17. Ardern stated

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08 Jun 2020

New Zealand lifts all Covid restrictions, declaring the nation virus-free

After two weeks of no new active COVID-19 cases, New Zealand has moved to lift almost all restrictions that were in place as a result of the pandemic. Yesterday, all of New Zealand transitioned to level one, which is the lowest alert on the four-tier system. Under the new rules,

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18 May 2020

Coronavirus: Global push for inquiry into Covid-19 response

Today, 194 member states of the World Health Organization will meet virtually, aiming to open an independent review of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The WHO will face questions on how it dealt with the outbreak and spread of the virus and Chinese President Xi Jinping talked during the

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27 Apr 2020

New Zealand claims ‘elimination’ of coronavirus with new cases in single digits

On Monday, New Zealand announced that the country would move to ease restrictions after testing showed new cases in the single figures. At a news conference, the country reported just one new case, four probable cases, and one new death. The low number of cases shows that New Zealand’s goal

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29 May 2019

NZ Treasury says systems ‘hacked’ ahead of Budget

The systems of the New Zealand Treasury were “deliberately and systematically hacked,” Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf said in a statement on Tuesday. The Treasury has asked the New Zealand police to investigate the incident. The announcement came after the National Party, the main opposition party, published documents containing information that

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29 Apr 2019

Naming and shaming nations that launch cyberattacks does work, say intel chiefs

At a recent cybersecurity conference in Scotland, Intelligence experts from the Five Eyes intelligence alliance that includes the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK, said that naming and shaming the nation states behind destructive cyberattacks is an important strategy for creating international norms and forging coalitions of opposition

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19 Mar 2019

Isis calls on followers to ‘take revenge’ for New Zealand terror attack

After staying silent for six months, Islamic State spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir on Monday addressed followers of the terror group in a 44-minute audio recording, calling on them to take revenge for the recent mass shootings in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in which 50 worshippers were killed. Al-Muhajir stated

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19 Mar 2019

Fraud, Cyber Attacks, and Phishing Follow Christchurch Attack

In a disturbing example of the utter lack of morals displayed by many threat actors, opportunistic cybercriminals are trying to take advantage of the recent mass shootings in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand in order to steal money or for other nefarious purposes. Some cyber crooks have launched online

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