23 Nov 2022

New York becomes first state to restrict cryptocurrency mining

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) on Tuesday signed a law temporarily restricting cryptocurrency mining in the state over environmental concerns, making it the first state nationwide to implement such a move. The bill was delivered to the governor on Tuesday after the state legislature passed the measure in June, and

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06 Jun 2022

New York’s push to ban crypto mining triggers response from community

As the state of New York pushes forward a bill that will ban proof-of-work (PoW) mining once approved, members of the crypto community express their disagreement through social media. In a Twitter thread, Jake Chervinsky, the head of policy at Blockchain Association, explained that the move will not “reduce carbon emissions”

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28 Jan 2021

GameStop effect spreads as calls for probe build

An unprecedented event is currently happening as part of a battle between small-time traders on Reddit and hedge funds that have shaken both the US and European stock markets and are expected to disrupt Asia as well. Surges in several Australian companies are joining a list of Reddit fueled moves

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29 Dec 2020

Phishers Spoof New York Department of Labor

Scammers were able to spoof the New York Department of Labor, sending out emails to thousands of residents from the domain “noreply@labor.ny .gov,” claiming to be sending Covid-19 relief money. The emails bear the NY state logo and capitalize on struggling Americans seeking to claim Covid-19 stimulus checks. The email

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23 Dec 2020

New York Issues First-In-Nation Moratorium On Facial Recognition In Schools

On  Tuesday, the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, signed a law into place banning facial recognition and other biometric technology in schools, effective until June 2022. The law affects both public and private schools and is in place until a study can be conducted with input from teachers, parents,

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06 May 2020

US infection rate rising outside New York as states open up

The COVID-19 infection rate in several different US states is rising, indicating that the rest of the US is moving in the wrong direction in comparison to New York, which has made significant progress against the virus. Despite these statistics, states are beginning to lift their lockdowns. On average, new

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20 Apr 2020

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Near 760,000 as New York Plans to Start Antibody Tests

Authorities are struggling to manage the COVID-19 pandemic across the world, as infection rates begin to drop in some areas and surge in others, like Singapore, where the outbreak had previously seemed contained. New York, the hardest-hit US state, has announced that it will begin tests aimed at estimating what

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09 Apr 2020

Zoom’s fall: Google bans Zoom from staffers’ gear

Last week, Google announced that it will block Zoom from all Google-provided devices, including computers and smartphones. Google stated that they have historically not allowed employees to use unapproved apps for work that are outside of Google’s corporate network. The company informed its employees that Zoom will no longer run

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08 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: US records highest death toll in single day

On Tuesday, the US reported the most COVID-19 deaths in a single day since the outbreak began, with more than 1,800 fatalities. This brings the total number of US COVID-19 deaths to almost 13,000, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. The country currently has roughly 398,000 confirmed cases,

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23 Mar 2020

New York quiets to slow virus as pressure grows on Olympics

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered all nonessential businesses to close and nonessential workers to stay home, further tightening previously implemented restrictions. The pandemic has killed more than 14,000 worldwide and infected over 335,000, threatening to make New York one of the biggest hotspots. Leaders have warned of

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