23 Mar 2020

New York quiets to slow virus as pressure grows on Olympics

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered all nonessential businesses to close and nonessential workers to stay home, further tightening previously implemented restrictions. The pandemic has killed more than 14,000 worldwide and infected over 335,000, threatening to make New York one of the biggest hotspots. Leaders have warned of

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11 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: Troops sent to New York ‘containment zone’

New York has a newfound ‘containment zone’ in New Rochelle after a reported outbreak causes approximately a thousand individuals to be quarantined. A synagogue in the center of New Rochelle appears to be the source of the recent outbreak. New York currently has only 173 active cases, 108 of which

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27 Jan 2020

Class-action lawsuit filed against controversial Clearview AI startup

A class-action lawsuit was filed earlier this week against Clearview AI, a New York-based startup that has created one of the biggest facial recognition databases in the world. The database was developed by scraping social media networks for people’s photos. The startup was originally low-profile but was exposed last week

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24 Jan 2020

New York state wants to ban government agencies from paying ransomware demands

Last week, New York state senators proposed two bills that would ban local entities from using taxpayer money to meet ransomware demands sent by threat actor groups. The bills were proposed within two days of each other, with bill S7246 introduced on the 14th and bill S7289 on the 16th.

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06 Nov 2019

Brooklyn Hospital Loses Patient Data In Ransomware Attack

In July of this year, the Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York suffered a ransomware attack that has resulted in the permanent loss of certain patient data. After the malware encrypted the hospital’s patient files, the hospital launched an investigation into the incident and tried to recover the data, which

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29 Jul 2019

New York updates its breach notification law in response to Equifax, GDPR

From March 2020, New York state legislation will require organizations to notify people whose email address was compromised in a data breach together with authentication credentials (password and/or security questions and answers) “in the most expedient time possible and without unreasonable delay,” which in practice means within 30 days. The

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