07 Apr 2021

New wormable Android malware poses as Netflix to hijack WhatsApp sessions

A new variant of Android malware has been discovered by researchers at Check Point, who reported that the mobile malware was discovered in the Google Play Store. The wormable malware has been named FlixOnline and disguises itself as a legitimate Netflix brand application. The app then appears to target the

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12 Mar 2021

Netflix Introduces Measures to Prevent Password Sharing

Netflix has allegedly introduced new potential measures that will prevent password sharing between multiple households or friends. If two users of the same account do not live together, they may be prohibited from using the same account. Typically, users can verify if they are eligible to access a particular account

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25 Oct 2018

Phishing Report Shows Microsoft, Paypal, & Netflix as Top Targets

“A new phishing report has been released that keeps track of the top 25 brands targeted by bad actors. Of these brands, Microsoft, Paypal, and Netflix are the top brands impersonated by phishing attacks. Email security provider Vade Secure tracks the 25 most spoofed brands in North America that are impersonated in

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