13 Sep 2022

Ports, schools shut as Typhoon Muifa barrels toward eastern China

Chinese authorities have ordered ships to return to port due to projections that the country will suffer from one of the strongest typhoons this year. The typhoon, named Muifa, is set to make landfall in the eastern province of Zhejiang. In addition to the ships returning to port, China has

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10 Aug 2022

Record rainfall kills at least 9 in Seoul as water floods buildings, submerges cars

This week, the South Korean capital of Seoul experienced record downpour that flooded homes, roads, and subway stations. So far, the natural disaster has killed at least nine people. Weather forecasters have warned that the flooding is not over yet, and more rain is expected to fall later this week

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25 May 2022

Four missing miners found dead in Burkina Faso

Four missing miners in Burkina Faso have been found dead, according to the country’s government officials. After 39 days of intense search on behalf of rescue workers in the region, the bodies of the miners were recovered. The individuals went missing after floodwaters filled a Canadian-owned mine in Perkoa. Perkoa

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09 Feb 2022

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Seeks to Reconnect Tonga to Internet

SpaceX, a technology and space exploration company founded by Tesla creator Elon Musk, is currently endeavoring to establish a communications bridge to Tonga after the island suffered from a volcanic eruption and tsunami last month. The natural disasters effectively cut the Pacific nation off from the outside world due to

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20 Jan 2022

Three children killed as temperatures plummet in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan

Three Syrian children have died after thousands of people were put in danger due to heavy winter storms in the region. Humanitarian organization CARE reported on the situation, warning that the heavy onslaught of winter storms is exacerbating the living situation of internally displaced Syrians and Syrians who have relocated

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06 Dec 2021

Volcano rescue workers dig through thick layers of hot ash in Indonesia after Mount Semeru erupts

Mount Semeru, one of Indonesia’s most active volcanos, erupted on Saturday. Rescue teams are working to find survivors of the attack, digging through thick layers of hot ash and debris created by the eruption. More than a dozen people have been confirmed dead and thousands have been displaced. The affected

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12 Oct 2021

At least 15 dead after heavy rainfall and flooding in northern China

At least 15 people have died in China’s northern province of Shanxi due to heavy rainfall and flooding. The natural disaster destroyed thousands of homes and forced more than 120,000 people to relocate to safer areas. Officials stated that at least 1.75 million people have been affected by the flooding

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14 Sep 2021

World now sees twice as many days over 50C

According to a new analysis from BBC, the number of extremely hot days every year has doubled since the 1980s, likely due to climate change. The extreme temperature is also occurring in more areas of the world than before, presenting unprecedented challenges to human health and possibly contributing to the

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24 Aug 2021

Europe’s extreme rains made more likely by humans

The floods in Germany, Belgium, and other parts of Europe that killed at least 200 people were made more likely by climate change, according to scientists. Researchers say that global heating made rainfall events such as those in July up to nine times more likely in Western Europe. Further statistics

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17 Aug 2021

Thousands evacuated as blaze rages near French Riviera

Thousands of people were evacuated on Monday after a massive blaze broke out near the French Riveria. Firefighters are still working to contain the wildfire, which began in the Var region, located to the west of Saint-Tropez. The blaze has consumed more than 5,000 acres in just one day. According

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