22 Jul 2021

China Flood Death Toll Rises Along With Questions Over Infrastructure

In China, the death toll from severe floods has risen to at least 33 people, according to local authorities. Officials stated that the flooding has raised new questions about flood-management infrastructure and the importance of securing structures in the event of another similar incident. At least eight people in Henan,

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22 Jul 2021

Wildfires have erupted across the globe, scorching places that rarely burned before

Yakutsk, Russia, is known to be the world’s coldest city due to its location in Russian Siberia. Yakutsk typically boasts freezing temperatures and a high risk of frostbite. However, the city is currently battling wildfires tearing through nearby forests. The wildlife has been experiencing a drought over the past several

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21 Jul 2021

12 dead in Zhengzhou train and thousands evacuated in Henan in Chinese Floods

Record-breaking rainfall in China flooded underground railway tunnels, leaving passengers trapped in rising waters and resulting in twelve deaths. Videos posted to social media show commuters barely managing to keep their heads above water while the train car begins to fill. The incident, which occurred in the Henan province, resulted

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15 Jul 2021

Floods in Germany Leave 20 Dead, Dozens Missing As Rain Deluges Europe

In Germany, dozens of people are missing after the country was hit with the worst flooding in decades. The severe flooding caused houses to collapse in Germany, Belgium, and other parts of Western Europe. The situation occurred after days of heavy rain that swelled rivers and overloaded sewage systems. In

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19 May 2021

Indian navy recovers 22 bodies from barge sunk by Cyclone Tauktae

Cyclone Tauktae has caused the disappearance of dozens of people, marking the most powerful storm to hit the Indian region in more than two decades. The cyclone consisted of winds up to 130 per hour when it hit land in India’s Gujarat state late on Monday. The natural disaster has

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19 Apr 2021

Residents evacuated in Cape Town suburb

In South Africa, a blaze outside of Cape Town has threatened the security of the city and its infrastructure as it spreads through the Table Mountains. Emergency workers recently evacuated three different 17-story residential buildings as a precaution. The fire has spread quickly after breaking out on Sunday morning near

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08 Feb 2021

Rescue workers looking for 177 people feared dead in Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand, India, at least 177 people are missing and 20 have been confirmed dead after part of a Himalayan glacier fell into a river. This caused a massive avalanche of water, dust, and rocks to plummet down a mountain gorge and breakthrough a damn. Rescue teams have been working

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05 Jan 2021

Deadly flash floods tear through Bolivia’s Sucre city

In the Bolivian city of Sucre, at least four have died after flash floods swept through the region following a heavy hailstorm. The steep streets of the urban city became fast flowing rivers, washing away cars, buses, and market stalls. The city’s largest farmers market was also heavily impacted as

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17 Nov 2020

Second Major Hurricane in Two Weeks Slams Central America

On Monday night, Hurricane Iota made landfall in Nicaragua. Hurricane Iota is the most powerful Atlantic hurricane recorded this year, stronger than the most recent Hurricane Eta. Eta killed at least 200 people in central America and displaced tens of thousands due to infrastructure and residency damages. When Iota made

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29 Oct 2020

At least 25 dead and scores missing after Typhoon Molave lashes Vietnam

Hundreds of soldiers have been deployed to search for survivors across Vietnam following a devastating Typhoon called Molave which is one of the strongest recorded in the region over the past few decades. The natural disaster has left 25 dead so far, with scores still missing. The Typhoon triggered landslides

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