30 Jan 2023

Crypto Enforcement Actions, the SEC Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit, and National Security Risk

In recent posts, we embarked on an effort to quantify crypto and digital assets enforcement and regulatory impacts and outcomes as they emerge in 2023. In this post, we turn to the recent headlines about and the organizational behavior of the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC), namely the SEC’s Division of Enforcement’s Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit.

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03 Jan 2023

Dozens escape Mexican jail in deadly attack

Dozens of inmates reportedly escaped from a prison located in northern Mexico after suspected cartel members launched an assault on the facility. The gunmen reportedly opened fire outside of the Chihuahua state prison in armored vehicles, targeting guards. Ten individuals were killed, including four prisoners. According to police reports, 24

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16 Dec 2022

Senate Approves Bill Banning TikTok From US Government Devices

The US Senate has approved a bill that bans federal employees from using the Chinese-owned TikTok app on devices provided by the government. The No TikTok on Government Devices Act was approved after Missouri republican senator Josh Hawley authored a measure that received no objections. Hawley stated that TikTok is

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08 Nov 2022

Android RAT Group Targets Indian Defense Personnel

External threat landscape management platform Cyfirma has reported that a malicious Android installation package is targeting Indian defense personnel. The campaign has been active since at least July 2021. The information was shared by the cybersecurity firm over the weekend. According to Cyfirma, the Android package kit file is a

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23 Sep 2022

DARPA to Research Risks of Crypto to National Security in Partnership With Inca Digital

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has contracted digital asset data and analytics provider Inca Digital to research national security risks posed by cryptocurrency. DARPA, the research and development agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, plans to analyze activity related to financial applications of distributed ledgers. The agency

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20 Sep 2022

Coinbase CEO: Crypto is up there with chips and 5G as a matter of ‘national security’

Is the cryptocurrency industry a matter of national security? Brian Armstrong, cofounder and CEO of crypto exchange Coinbase, seems to think so, and argues it needs to be considered in the same class as goods and infrastructure vital to the U.S. economy. The reason for his impassioned plea might have to do

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24 Aug 2022

India fires three officers for accidentally launching missile into Pakistan

On Tuesday, the Indian Air Force confirmed that it had fired three officers for accidentally firing a missile into Pakistan in March.. The incident was handled relatively calmly as there were no casualties. The rivals have maintained a tense relationship over the last several years due the disputer territory of

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09 Jun 2022

Man Arrested for Sharing Info on 3D-Printed Weapons

European and US law enforcement teams have reportedly joined forces to arrest an individual based on suspicions of spreading hate speech and information about how to construct 3D weapons at home. The man, who has not been named, is reportedly a member of the far-right extremist movement known as Siege.

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09 Jun 2022

UK Joins Quantum Arms Race with First Computer

The UK government has announced that it acquired its first quantum computer, marking its entrance into the quantum arms race. The computer should help to boost the country’s research capacities in cyber defense strategies and other areas of national security. According to the Ministry of Defense, they will work alongside

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08 Jun 2022

China offers $15,000 cash — or a ‘spiritual reward’ — for national security tip-offs

China’s citizens are being offered cash rewards of 100,000 yuan or more for tip offs about people who endanger the country’s national security. Authorities in China are intensifying a multi-year long campaign to weed out threats from hostile forces or foreign espionage. Informants may receive spiritual rewards in certificants or

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