23 Nov 2020

Major Power Outage in India Possibly Caused by Hackers

A major power outage that occurred in mid-October in Mumbai, India, may have been the work of some sophisticated hackers. The outage impacted India’s biggest city, causing significant traffic disruption and wreaked havoc on public transportation such as trains and buses. According to authorities, it took two hours to restore

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02 Feb 2011

Mumbai Terrorist Attacks Analysis

Mumbai, the commercial capitol of India, came under a heinous terrorist attack on November 26, 2008. The terrorist attacks took place at many locations, especially at CST Railway Station, the Leopold Cafe; Taj Hotel; Oberoi Trident Hotel; and Nariman House. 165 persons (civilians and security personnel) lost their lives and

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24 Jul 2009

Toward Operational Art for Policing

The military, facing a complex and intractable mixture of “wicked problems” on the battlefield, has responded with a doctrinal revolution in the production and practice of operational theory.  But most police agencies don’t incorporate the “operational level of maneuver” into their planning and concept of operations.   We face a constellation

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