25 Jan 2019

Hack, Jam, Sense & Shoot: Army Creates 1st Multi-Domain Unit

The U.S. Army has launched its first unit combining long-range targeting, hacking, jamming, and space operations under a single battalion command, bringing together intelligence, information, cyber, electronic warfare, and space (I2CEWS). This first detachment has been designed for counter-China operations, while a second will focus on Europe for counter-Russian operations.

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13 Sep 2018

Air Force chief lays out future fight against peer-level adversaries

Referencing a classic story of the American Revolutionary War, the Air Force Chief of Staff asked “One, if by land, two, if by sea, three, if by air, four, if by space, five, if by cyber…How many lanterns does our adversary have to purchase if we can use all the

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