17 Oct 2019

1 in 5 SMBs have fallen victim to a ransomware attack

A whopping 85% of managed service providers (MSPs) say that at least some of the small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) they serve have suffered a ransomware attack in the past two years, a new Datto report shows. In 2018 the number was 79%. In the first six months of 2019,

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21 Jun 2019

Ransomware gang hacks MSPs to deploy ransomware on customer systems

Threat actors recently obtained unauthorized access to the networks of three managed service providers (MSPs) and subsequently targeted customers of the compromised firms with ransomware using SecureAnywhere, an MSP tool by Webroot designed for the remote monitoring and management of client machines. The ransomware used in the attack is dubbed

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08 Feb 2019

Ransomware Attack Via MSP Locks Customers Out of Systems

Earlier this week, an unidentified threat actor managed to launch a massive ransomware attack resulting in the encryption of between 1,500 to 2,000 endpoint devices belonging to users of a single US managed service provider (MSP). The MSP was subsequently urged to pay a ransom of $2.6 million to have the systems

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