24 Oct 2018

Tanzania Arrests 104 for Plotting ‘Radical Camps’ in Mozambique

Highlighting the recent growth of Islamic extremism in the area, Tanzania has arrested 104 suspected militants for plans to establish a training base in Mozambique near the countries’ borders. Since October 2017, 40 attacks have been recorded in one Mozambique province, near where one of the largest untapped natural gas

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26 Sep 2018

Emerging terror front: 12 killed, 14 wounded in Mozambique jihadist attacks

The traditionally Muslim area of northern Mozambique has not suffered from high levels of extremist teachings or practices until only recently. Since 2017, however, grizzly attacks in the region have surprised many tracking terrorist violence around the globe. The region’s Islamic Council has allegedly been warning local authorities about the

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13 Jun 2018

U.S. embassy warns Americans to leave northeastern Mozambique due to imminent attacks

Following a series of brutal attacks, the US embassy in Mozambique have issued a warning to citizens living in the northeast that future attacks are imminent. Departure from the area will include the closing of a major gas field. Terrorism in Mozambique is a fairly new phenomenon and it is

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30 May 2018

Islamist militants expanding to Mozambique: 10 beheaded in attack

“At least 10 people have been beheaded in northern Mozambique by suspected Islamist militants, officials say. Known locally as al-Shabab, the group was formed in 2015 as a religious organization and has no known links to the Somali jihadist group of the same name.” Source: Mozambique ‘jihadists behead’ villagers –

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