01 Mar 2022

Moscow Exchange Downed by Cyber-Attack

On Monday, the website for the Moscow Stock Exchange was offline and therefore inaccessible. The Ukraine IT Army, a crowdsourced community of hackers endorsed by Kyiv officials, took responsibility for the outage in a message posted to Telegram. The group claimed that it took just give minutes to take the

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28 Oct 2021

Moscow launches fresh restrictions as Covid-19 deaths hit record high in Russia

New Covid-19 restrictions have been put into place in Moscow due to rising infection rates and deaths across the country. The Russian capital will enter an 11 day paid holiday that authorities hope with help to stop the influx in cases and deaths. The restrictions came into effect as Russia

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21 Oct 2021

Taliban wins backing for aid at Moscow talks, with regional powers saying US and allies should pay

The Taliban, Afghanistan’s new leaders, won backing from 10 different regional powers at talks in Moscow on Wednesday. The Taliban is seeking a United Nations donor conference to help the country avoid economic collapse and a humanitarian catastrophe. Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, and India all joined forces to call on

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01 Jul 2021

Russia’s Putin Challenges U.S. Leadership, Asserts Military Might

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin challenged US leadership in world affairs, stating that an era of US hegemony has come to an end. Mr. Putin also touted Moscow’s growing military strength and assertive foreign policy. The remarks were made at an annual event at which he answers questions posed

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20 Apr 2021

Satellite Images Show Russia’s Expanding Ukraine Buildup

New satellite images prove that Russia is advancing its buildup in Ukraine, moving warplanes to Crimea and bases near Ukraine. The buildup seems to be conducted to a greater extent than the country has previously disclosed. The increased capability for political intimidation or military intervention is concerning, according to analysts.

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15 Jun 2020

Former Marine Paul Whelan Found Guilty in Russia of Espionage, Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison

On Monday, Paul Whelan from Novi, Michigan, was sentenced to 16 years in Moscow prison for espionage in a case that has drawn widespread condemnation from the US and threatens to risk ties between Washington and Moscow. A Moscow City court judge stated that Whelan was found guilty of spying,

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19 May 2020

Hacker sells 129 million sensitive records of Russian car owners

Security researchers have uncovered a dark web forum database with 129 million records of Russian car owners for sale. The seller has leaked some data for potential buyers, verifying the data’s authenticity. Local media has reported that no details on the car owners are available in the public data set,

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04 May 2020

Russia adds record 10,000 coronavirus cases in dramatic turnaround as Putin’s problems stack up

On Sunday, Russia reported over 10,000 new COVID-19 cases, representing its fourth record single-day increase in a row. Russia now has a total number of 134,687 COVID-19 cases, placing it seventh on the list of countries with the most infections. Russia has experienced over 1,000 deaths due to the virus,

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21 Aug 2019

Moscow’s blockchain voting system cracked a month before election

The blockchain-based voting system that Moscow wants to use next month for the regional parliamentary election contains a critical flaw that breaks the security of the entire system, a security researcher has discovered. The voting system relies on a combination of private and public keys for encrypting ballots. However, it

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