30 Aug 2019

Russian police take down malware gang that infected 800,000+ Android smartphones

Russian authorities have taken down a cyber crime group thought to be behind a number of malware campaigns that have targeted over 800,000 Android devices since 2015. With assistance from Group-IB, Russian police managed to track down and arrest various individuals belonging to the TipTop group. TipTop hackers rented banking

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28 Aug 2019

Trojan Dropper Malware Found in Android App With 100M Downloads

A popular Android app with over 100 million installs from the Google Play Store recently began serving users a Trojan dropper than can install other malware on affected devices, security researchers at Kaspersky have discovered. A report by the researchers mentions that while the CamScanner app was originally a legitimate

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23 Aug 2019

Open-source spyware bypasses Google Play defenses — twice

Threat actors managed to upload a spyware-serving radio app to the Google Play Store twice within two weeks, ESET discovered. The app was called Radio Balouch and while it actually worked as advertised, it also infected users with AhMyth, an open-source remote access spyware tool. After the app made it

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19 Aug 2019

8 million Android users tricked into downloading 85 adware apps from Google Play

Once again, researchers have uncovered a major adware scheme on the Google Play Store. According to Trend Micro, threat actors managed to upload 85 malicious apps to the official Android app store. The apps gathered over 8 million total installs before they were removed. Ecular Xu of Trend Micro said

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12 Aug 2019

Android malware that comes preinstalled is a massive threat

Security researchers with Google are warning that Android devices, especially those in the budget category, can come with preinstalled malware. In fact, out-of-the-box malware has already been discovered on as many as 7.4 million Android devices. Some of the malicious software could take over devices, download malicious apps and help

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07 Aug 2019

Android Alert: Users Urged To Patch Critical Flaw In Qualcomm Snapdragon Chips, Millions At Risk

Security researchers at Chinese Internet giant Tencent have discovered a series of critical security flaws affecting recent Qualcomm chips including the Snapdragon 835 and 845 that are used in highly popular Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S9, the Google Pixel 3 and the OnePlus 6, which means that millions

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05 Aug 2019

As attackers get more creative, mobile threats and attacks increase in both quantity and impact

A new report by Zimperium highlights the growing threat of cyberattacks targeting mobile endpoints. According to the study, device threats affected more than one in four (27%) mobile endpoints in enterprises. Over two-thirds (68%) of malicious profiles involved elevated access that enabled attackers to exfiltrate data or compromise the network.

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02 Aug 2019

47% of Android Anti-Malware Apps Are Flawed

Almost half (47%) of anti-malware applications available for Android devices have serious shortcomings, a new product comparison study by Comparitech reveals. Of the 21 different anti-malware apps that were tested, only 11 performed as expected. 7 apps failed to detect viruses, 2 suffered from critical security flaws that could put

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31 Jul 2019

Why nation-state hacking groups are increasingly turning to mobile malware

A new Crowdstrike report sounds the alarm on the rise of nation-state cyber campaigns targeting mobile devices. State-backed hacking groups in countries like China, North Korea, Russia, India and Pakistan increasingly use mobile malware to gather information on dissidents, journalists and for other malicious purposes. These campaigns are on the

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31 Jul 2019

Android Ransomware Spreads Via ‘Sex Simulation Game’ Links on Reddit, SMS

ESET researchers have detected a new Andoid ransomware campaign that spreads via links posted on online forums including the popular social media platform Reddit, as well as via SMS messages. The attackers are distributing various links on different forums, with the most notable example being one that promotes a sex

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