01 Nov 2019

North Korea, emboldened by Trump peril and Chinese allies, tries harder line

North Korea on Thursday launched two missiles as part of an unannounced test, possibly in order to put pressure on the US to meet an end-of-the-year deadline set by the regime for the lifting of US sanctions. However, some analysts suggest that North Korea could get by without a US-North

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03 Oct 2019

North Korea says underwater-launched missile test succeeded

On Thursday, a day after South Korea’s military stated that North Korea had carried out a ballistic missile test involving a submarine, Pyongyang confirmed that it had successfully carried out an underwater-launched ballistic missile test, which was the first launch of this kind in three years. North Korean state media

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02 Oct 2019

North Korea fires ballistic missile, possibly from submarine, days before talks

South Korea’s military on Wednesday stated that North Korea had carried out a ballistic missile test involving a submarine. The missile was launched one day after North Korean state media announced that Pyongyang and Washington will be holding working-level negotiations on October 5, after a first meeting on October 4.

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10 Sep 2019

North Korea says it will resume talks but adds pressure with new launches

North Korea Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui On Tuesday said that his country is open to having “comprehensive discussions” with the United States later this month, adding that Washington should adopt a new approach if it wants the talks to be constructive. However, hours after Choe’s statement, Pyongyang conducted

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23 Aug 2019

Putin orders reciprocal Russian response to U.S. missile test

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday ordered his government to “to take exhaustive measures to prepare a reciprocal response” to the recent US test of a ground-launched, medium-range cruise missile. The test was carried out just weeks after the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty that banned such missiles officially became defunct.

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22 Aug 2019

N Korea: No nuclear talks if US ‘hostile military moves’ continue

North Korea has “no interest” in new talks about its nuclear program if the US doesn’t stop “escalating hostile military moves,” a spokesperson for the regime said on Thursday. The announcement coincides with a trip by US special envoy for North Korea Stephen Biegun to South Korea. Biegun had expressed

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20 Aug 2019

Russia accuses US of stoking military tensions with missile test

Russia on Tuesday accused the US of “escalating military tensions” by conducting a test of a ground-launched, medium-range cruise missile, just weeks after the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty that banned such missiles officially became defunct. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that “we won’t allow ourselves to be

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16 Aug 2019

North Korea fires two more ballistic missiles as it vows to end talks with ‘impudent’ South Korea

On Friday, North Korea carried out yet another missile test, South Korean officials stated. The test involved the launch of two short-range ballistic missiles. South Korea said that it was analyzing the activity together with US intelligence experts, adding that “the South Korean military is closely monitoring military movements and

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06 Aug 2019

‘We will make them pay’: North Korea launches missiles, condemns US-South Korea drills

North Korea has carried out yet another missile test in response to joint US-South Korean military exercises. In the wake of the fourth rocket launch in under three weeks, the country stated that the US has until the end of the year to easy its sanctions on Pyongyang, but warned

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02 Aug 2019

N Korea conducts third weapons test in eight days

On Friday, North Korea carried out its third missile test in eight days. South Korean officials stated that the missiles were likely a new kind of short range ballistic missile just like the type used in the previous launches. Experts believe that Pyongyang is carrying out the tests as a

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