05 Feb 2020

The Army Wants Technology that Can See Through Walls—and Identify People on the Other Side

The Army wants to create next-level technology that will help soldiers see through walls, offering advanced insights for soldiers in combat. The Army filed a recent request for information in which the Army stated they are accepting white papers to identify commercially available technologies that could help it develop the

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05 Feb 2020

The Pentagon Is Spending Millions on Hunter Drones With Nets

The US Air Force’s Air Combat Command received permission to shoot down unmanned flying objects near its airbases after an incident in 2017 when an F-22 Raptor nearly collided with a cheap drone. The US Military acknowledged that shooting down drones over cities is not an ideal solution to a

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04 Feb 2020

Turkey suffers first deaths in direct combat with Syria since start of war

On Sunday, five Turkish soldiers and one civilian personnel were killed by Syrian forces in the country, producing the first fatalities as a result of direct confrontation between Turkey and Syria since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011. After facing heavy artillery fire coming from the Syrian

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28 Jan 2020

US says mystery crash in Afghanistan was US Air Force plane

An American military aircraft went down in eastern Afghanistan earlier this week according to the US military. It remains unclear how the plane crashed, as there were no indications that it had been brought down by enemy fire as of today. The investigation to find the cause of the crash

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27 Jan 2020

The Army’s Investigative Unit Wants Social Media Exploitation Services

Earlier this week, insiders unveiled the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command’s intent to glean new mission-relevant evidence through the forensic analysis of social media posts. A solicitation published on Thursday claims that CID aims to acquire access to social media exploitation services. The CID is the Army’s primary investigative organization, honing

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03 Jan 2020

US Coast Guard Sounds Alarm After Ransomware Attack

The Coast Gaurd recently revealed details of a ransomware attack in late December that caused Coast Gaurd employees to be on high alert over the holiday season. Authorities described the attack, stating that it had identified the use of Ryuk ransomware that entered the network of the facility via phishing

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02 Jan 2020

Taiwan military chief among 8 people killed in Black Hawk helicopter crash

Taiwan’s top military official was among eight casualties after a Black Hawk helicopter crashed early on Thursday. The helicopter was headed to visit troops when it lost contact and disappeared from radars near New Taipei City, crashing in the mountains. General Shen Yi-Ming, Taiwan’s military chief of general staff, was

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17 Dec 2019

Argonne’s Advanced X-Rays Are Beaming the Way to Smarter Helmets

A collaboration between researchers at the Argonne National Laboratory, the Army Research Laboratory and Northwestern University are developing next level military helmets by collecting and deciphering data from x-ray analyses of human skulls. The project leader, physicist Jonathan Almer, stated that the helmet would lead to a decrease in fatal

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12 Dec 2019

How Congress wants to help sync military cyber

New cyber positions within the US military could be created in 2020 as a result of the government’s annual defense policy bill, depending on the approval of President Donald Trump. The positions include a senior military advisory for cyber policy, which requires candidates to be at least a two-star general.

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20 Nov 2019

Air Force hires Trueface for facial recognition on bases

The US Air Force has signed a deal with Trueface, a facial recognition software company, to provide the Air Force with license plate recognition, weapons detection, and facial recognition services. Trueface describes the three levels of facial recognition: the first is used on your phone for FaceID and is relatively

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