07 Jan 2022

Cambodian PM’s visit to Myanmar sparks protests

As Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen arrived for a  meeting with the military junta, protests and rallies were held across Myanmar. The Prime Minister is the first foreign leader to visit the country since the military coup in February 2021 took over Aung San Suu Kyi’s civilian government. Protestors feared

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13 Dec 2018

Thailand to go to the polls on Feb 24 as govt lifts ban on political activities

Since taking power through a 2014 military coup, the Thai army has outlawed political activities. This position has now been reversed, however, and elections are being prepared for February 24, 2019 as the military junta coordinates a limited return to citizen participation. Regardless of the outcome of the election, the

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01 Oct 2018

New army chief takes over as Thailand prepares for return of civilian rule

Thailand has a complex and regularly shifting political arrangement between the military, the monarchy, and a political class. Some have characterized this arrangement as a symbiotic relationship of the military and the monarchy, with a growing civilian bureaucracy. Since a coup in 2014, the Thai military has held the reigns of

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