08 Mar 2021

Equatorial Guinea blast hurts hundreds

In Equatorial Guinea, a deadly blast at a military base in the country’s main city, Bata, has killed 17 and injured more than 400. The series of blasts were allegedly caused by stubble burning by farmers and negligence in the storage of explosives at the base. Almost all buildings and

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16 Dec 2019

New York Times: US ‘secretly expelled’ Chinese officials who entered ‘sensitive’ military base

Two Chinese Embassy officials were expelled by the US after they allegedly entered a sensitive military base in Virginia earlier this year. US officials believe that at least one of the Chinese officials, who were with their wives at the time of the incident, was an intelligence officer operating under

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19 Feb 2019

Google Earth accidentally reveals secret military sites

Google has accidentally revealed the locations of various secret Taiwanese military sites through an update of its 3D satellite imagery platform Google Earth. The update includes new 3D depictions of the Taiwanese cities Taipei and Taichung and the special municipalities New Taipei and Taoyuan. This allows users to see various Taiwanese military sites, including

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