25 Aug 2022

UK to ‘fast track’ deportations of Albanian asylum seekers

The United Kingdom announced new plans to fast track the deportation of Albanian asylum seekers as the government attempts to decrease the surge in people crossing the english channel in small boats. The announcement says that British immigration officers will immediately process asylum claims made by Albanians, and those with

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11 Nov 2021

Belarus threatens EU gas as bloc considers sanctions

Amid heightened tensions, Belarus has threatened to cut off gas supplies to Europe if sanctions are imposed due to an escalating migrant crisis at the country’s border with Poland, where thousands of people are enduring freezing conditions in hopes of crossing into the EU. Western officials have accused Belarus of

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09 Nov 2021

Fears of violence escalate on Poland-Belarus border as thousands of migrants set up camp

Thousands of migrants have erected makeshift camps in freezing conditions near the border between Poland and Belarus. Concerns over the potential for violence intensified Tuesday as Poland has accused Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko of attempting to orchestrate a crisis on the eastern frontier by funneling migrants to the border. Poland

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17 Sep 2021

US immigration: Thousands gather under bridge at US-Mexico border in growing crisis

Over 10,000 migrants have gathered under the bridge at the US-Mexico border that connects Del Rio in Texan to Mexico’s Ciudad Acuna. A temporary camp has been set up there and has been growing in numbers in the past few days. Most of the migrants are from Haiti and are

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06 Jul 2021

Medecins Sans Frontieres says Mediterranean rescue mission blocked after ship seizure in Italy

According to Medecins Sans Frontieres, a Mediterranean rescue mission was blocked by Italian authorities. The ship utilized for more than 400 migrant rescues at sea over the past few weeks has been seized by Italian forces, a move that Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) warned could endanger the lives of migrants

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21 May 2020

Greek Police Are Rounding Up Asylum Seekers and Forcing Them Into Turkey, Migrants Say

According to migrants and sources at the forefront of Greece’s immigration crisis, the Greek police have been grouping together asylum seekers living in the country as they await their asylum and expelling them to Turkey by force. Lawyers, human rights activists, and migrants have filed accounts of this occurrence. In

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05 Feb 2019

Germany cracks down on clan crimes as estimated membership reaches as high as 500,000

After several decades of lax policing and investigations on large crime families across the country, German authorities have announced a change in policy and operations to reduce the massive operations of crime families across the country. One Islamic scholar and migration expert has estimated that 500,000 people in Germany belong

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31 Jan 2019

World’s largest human migration: Travel for Chinese New Year is underway

While an estimated 54 million Americans make a long trip for Thanksgiving, this figure is dwarfed by travel numbers for the upcoming Chinese New Year. For this celebration, an estimated 413 million travelers will descend on the country’s railways and 73 million will take flights, beating last year’s numbers and

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30 Jan 2019

Migrant crisis continues: UN says six die every day in Mediterranean crossings

A new UN report estimates that an average of six migrants per day die attempting the Mediterranean crossing to Europe. While the overall number of deaths has declined along with the number of people making crossing attempts, the death rate has spiked dramatically from 1 death out of every 38

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19 Oct 2018

Mass Expulsion of Congolese from Angola Could Spark Humanitarian Crisis

“The United Nations refugee agency warns the mass expulsion of an estimated 200,000 Congolese from Angola into Congo’s unstable Kasai Central Province could trigger a humanitarian crisis. Ethnic tensions that triggered a brutal conflict in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2016 are still running high.

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