07 Apr 2020

U.S. High Performance Computing Takes On COVID-19

The US Federal government has assembled a group of high-performance computing (HPC) resources for the disposal of researchers who are tirelessly looking for potential cures and treatments for the COVID-19 virus, which has claimed thousands of lives across the globe. HPC may be critical to finding a cure, as it

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27 Mar 2020

The Future of Enterprise Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has been a key part of most interesting business strategies over the last decade. It has also been critical in bringing high end compute power to individuals around the world (Cloud services enable most highly recognizable services and apps, from Uber to Zoom and most everything in between). But what will come next? This special report offers a glimpse into the future of this trend meant to inform your business strategy.

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11 Mar 2020

Microsoft March 2020 Patch Tuesday Fixes 115 Vulnerabilities

Today Microsoft released its monthly Patch Tuesday security update, publishing fixes for 115 vulnerabilities in Microsoft products. Of the 115, 24 of the vulnerabilities are classified as Critical while 88 are classified as Important. Experts advise users to install these security updates as soon as possible to mitigate possible security

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10 Mar 2020

Spying concerns raised over Iran’s official COVID-19 detection app

Today, Google removed an Android app from the Play Store that was created by Iranian officials to test and keep track of coronavirus infections amid spying allegations. Several users accused the Iranian government of using the epidemic to scare and trick citizens into installing the app, subsequently collecting phone numbers

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09 Mar 2020

Multiple nation-state groups are hacking Microsoft Exchange servers

A recent vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange email servers has been exposed by multiple different government-backed hacking groups. The hacking attempts were first spotted by the UK based cyber security firm Volexity, who has not yet shared names of the hacking groups exploiting the vulnerability, however, they have stated that the

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05 Mar 2020

Microsoft OneNote Used To Sidestep Phishing Detection

A phishing campaign was recently discovered by researchers at Cofense, who stated that Microsoft’s digital notebook OneNote was used to distribute the Agent Tesla keylogger. The attacker leveraged OneNote by experimenting with various lures that deliver the credential-stealing keylogger Agent Tesla or linked to a phishing page, starting with an

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02 Mar 2020

Microsoft Engineer Pleads Guilty to $10m Fraud Scheme

A former Microsoft engineer, Ukrainian citizen Volodymyr Kvashuk from Washington state is facing 20 years behind bars after being found guilty of attempting to defraud Microsoft of $10 million. Kvashuk was initially a contractor for Microsoft before being hired as a full-time employee in August 2016. Kvashuk was convicted on

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19 Feb 2020

VA Reveals Industry Partners for First 5G-Enabled Hospital

On Tuesday, the Veteran Affairs Department announced the companies they will partner with on their first 5G enabled hospital. The three companies are Verizon, Microsoft, and Medivis. Verizon will supply the agency with the fifth-generation wireless service through a new public-private partnership named Project Convergence while Microsoft and Medivis will

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18 Feb 2020

Microsoft to deploy ElectionGuard voting software for the first time tomorrow

On February 18, Microsoft will launch its ElectionGaurd software in Fulton, Wisconsin. This marks the first time voting machines used in any US election will be running Microsoft’s new software. The software will face its first real-world test as residents of Fulton vote to elect representatives for the Wisconsin Supreme

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13 Feb 2020

Microsoft Addresses Active Attacks, Air-Gap Danger with 99 Patches

In Microsoft’s February Patch Tuesday Update contains 12 critical and five previously disclosed bugs. This is one of the biggest Patch Tuesday updates to date, and the patches cover 99 different security vulnerabilities across a range of products. Twelve of the bugs are rated as critical while the rest are

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