28 Jun 2022

Microsoft Reports on Russian Cyber War and Disinformation Efforts In Ukraine

Last week, Microsoft released a report with an assessment of the cyber lessons learned in Ukraine since the inception of the conflict.   A collaboration between Microsoft threat intelligence and data science teams, the report’s goals and conclusions are described in an Editor’s Note as “sharpening our understanding of the threat landscape in the ongoing war in Ukraine; A series of lessons and conclusions resulting from the data gathered and analyzed; New information about Russian efforts including an increase in network penetration and espionage activities amongst allied governments, non-profits, and other organizations outside Ukraine; Details about sophisticated and widespread Russian foreign influence operations being used among other things, to undermine Western unity and bolster their war effort; and a call for a coordinated and comprehensive strategy to strengthen collective defenses – a task that will require the private sector, public sector, nonprofits, and civil society to come together.”

This assessment is brilliantly executed and contains actionable recommendations for organizations in any industry vertical concerned with the future cyber threat posed by Russia on a global scale. A synopsis and analysis of the report can be found here.

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