26 Apr 2021

Prometei Botnet Could Fire Up APT-Style Attacks

The Prometei malware is allegedly using exploits for the Microsoft Exchange “ProxyLogon” security bugs, leveraging the exploits to install Monero-mining malware on targets. The operators behind Prometei are conducting copy-cat attacks similar to those of advanced persistent threat cyberattackers. The malware is exploiting two of the Microsoft vulnerabilities in order

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14 Apr 2021

Cyber criminals are installing cryptojacking malware on unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers

Cybercriminals are leveraging zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers, dropping cryptocurrency mining malware as part of a campaign that seeks to secretly steal the processing power of compromised systems. The campaign is targeted towards financial gain and is currently ongoing, according to advisories published by several US agencies, including warnings

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27 Feb 2020

Hackers Scanning for Vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Servers, Patch Now!

Zero Day Initiative security researcher Simon Zuckerbraun published a demo on how attackers can exploit a recent vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange, classified as CVE-2020-0688. The flaw was patched two weeks ago, however, attackers are actively scanning the Internet for Microsoft Exchange Servers that have not been updated and are still

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