05 Aug 2021

What To Know And Do About The Coming Metaverse

In the early 1990’s SciFi fans were introduced to a concept called the Metaverse in Neal Stephenson’s book SnowCrash. In the book this described a future virtual reality beyond the universe that was populated by user-controlled avatars as well as AI and bots.

Now decades later the age of the Metaverse is upon us. Most every major IT firm is rolling out a Metaverse strategy. Facebook is focusing their entire company on the concept. And retail is moving at full speed to support.

This post captures insights into this new world in ways meant to help leaders understand what is most relevant to your strategic planning. We provide an operational definition of the Metaverse, a description of the current market of metaverse players, and a list of recommendations for how this information should inform your business strategy.

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23 Jun 2017

Neal Stephenson Explains Silicon Valley’s Latest Obsession

“Twenty-five years later, Stephenson’s cult classic has become canon in Silicon Valley, where a host of engineers, entrepreneurs, futurists, and assorted computer geeks (including Amazon C.E.O. Jeff Bezos) still revere Snow Crash as a remarkably prescient vision of today’s tech landscape. Among the the more prophetic inventions in the book

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28 Dec 2008

Can Strategy Be Crowdsourced?

Criminal, terrorist, and insurgent networks have become powerful world actors. They utilize network forms of organization to make fast decisions, cover a wide operational space, remain resilient in the face of state reprisals, and have a capacity for learning and self-correction that many top-down organizations lack.

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14 Nov 2003

Laying Down the Virtual Law

You’re a dwarf in a virtual world, and that troll over there has just defamed you in front of everyone. So can you sue, or is it all just fun and games? That’s what a collection of the brightest thinkers and best designers of games like EverQuest, and metaverses like

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