21 Oct 2021

Facebook’s name change plan reflects its real priorities

Facebook’s plan to change its company name, as first reported by The Verge, comes at a peculiar time. The nearly $1 trillion company that owns Instagram and WhatsApp is facing its biggest scandal in years over damning internal documents leaked by a whistleblower, as well as mounting antitrust scrutiny from

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19 Oct 2021

Why the metaverse will redefine advertising as we know it

The “metaverse” is the next great revolution in computing. This concept of the future of the internet promises to bring the physical world together with new technologies that are only starting to transform the way people interact with one another, amuse themselves, go shopping and engage in other everyday activities. Facebook

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18 Oct 2021

Facebook to hire 10,000 in EU to work on metaverse

Facebook is planning to hire 10,000 people in the European Union to develop a so-called metaverse. A metaverse is an online world where people can game, work and communicate in a virtual environment, often using VR headsets. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been a leading voice on the concept. The announcement comes as

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15 Oct 2021

Roblox shows new bits of the metaverse to its developers

Roblox doesn’t want to create the metaverse, the universe of virtual worlds that are all interconnected, like in novels such as Snow Crash and Ready Player One. Instead, it wants its users to create the metaverse. And today it showed developers more tools that are like stepping stones to do

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14 Oct 2021

A GameFi metaverse launches the first-ever interoperable, editable and evolvable NFT

With the current interest in nonfungible tokens (NFTs), many companies have started to develop NFT marketplaces to attract as many users as possible. The problem with that is because everything happens so quickly in the NFT space, user interfaces and processes at these platforms are confusing and complex for users,

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13 Oct 2021

Metaverse cheat sheet: Everything you need to know

Is metaverse the latest buzzword easily dismissed or a new platform you might have to understand? That’s the most important question about the metaverse right now. The easiest answer is “vaporware,” but that ignores the business reality of 2021. The biggest tech companies are pouring a lot of money into

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11 Oct 2021

Metaverse Gaming Heats Up As Treeverse Concludes Raise At $25m Valuation

Blockchain gaming has long been a segment of the crypto market vying for user and investor attention, but it hasn’t been until recently that these types of games have taken off. Axie Infinity — the PVP game in which animated axolotl’s battle each other — sparked the latest round of The

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08 Oct 2021

Why Facebook’s Metaverse Might Be A Big Mistake

Facebook (FB) has been in the news headlines quite a lot during the last couple of weeks. First, whistleblower Frances Haugen claimed that when there were conflicts of interest between Facebook and the public, the company time and time again chose to optimize for its own interests. Also, the afternoon-long

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06 Oct 2021

The Metaverse is Taking Over the Physical World

Imagine a place where you could always stay young, name a city after yourself, or even become the president — sounds like a dream? Well, if not in the real world, such dreams can definitely be fulfilled in the virtual world of a metaverse. The metaverse is believed by some

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05 Oct 2021

Is it time to hire a chief metaverse officer?

How a brand appears in the metaverse could help them make a successful splash, or risk alienating millions of loyal users. Now, a new need is emerging: someone who can oversee and integrate these projects. “It’s very much on the minds of some of the most leading brands that understand they

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