15 Nov 2021

Social Media Platforms Operate More As Independent States, Not Their Proxies

An independent watchdog journalism organization recently published a report that alleged that a team within Facebook attempted to influence Nicaragua’s presidential election. Facebook deleted the accounts of the country’s “top news outlets, journalists and activists, all of whom who supported the ruling left-wing Sandinista government.” Facebook, and social media writ large, has been consistently under the microscope since hostile actors used those platforms to help sow discord during the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. Even an after-action U.S. Intelligence Community Assessment found that influence operations, disinformation, and fake news were actively distributed via these social media channels, calling attention to how responsible these companies should be for the information created and passed on their platforms.

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09 Nov 2021

Meta Platforms’ Facebook will Remove Detailed Ad Targeting Options; The Filter Bubble Transparency Act Pending in Congress

There have been two major developments on the “disinformation and influence campaign” front. First, Meta Platforms just announced that they will be removing certain ad targeting options and expanding ad controls. Second, the House this week introduced the Filter Bubble Transparency Act, which “would require large-scale platforms to allow those users to consume information outside of a potential manipulation zone or filter bubble.”

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